Outdoor Art on Foot

You will have guessed that I haven’t ridden much in November.  Thirteen days, including travel time, were spent in Billund and Copenhagen in Denmark.  It was too cold for my thin-blood to ride a bike, which was a shame.  The bike paths in Billund looked lovely.

This would have been just the bike to explore Billund on too.

There is plenty of street art.

Billund is the home of LEGO.  The exterior of the LEGO House makes for a good photograph.

 Copenhagen has its fair share of street art too.  This is at Nyhaven.  Reflects the Danish maritime heritage.

Here is a piece of functional art.

I want one!

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  1. By: The Navigator Posted: November 23, 2018

    Looks like a lovely trip. The photos are atmospheric and the Lego House photo gave me some vertigo 🙂 I always miss my bike when I’m travelling without it, too. I, too, have lost my tolerance for below-freezing temps since living in Oz.

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