Porta Potty

This is the weekend of the Annual Great Mukilteo Garage Sale.

Many homes put out things for sale that it range from almost junk to high end goods. Some nice furniture and athletic equipment can be found here, as well as a lot of other items. We are NOT in the market for buying stuff but I rode around scanning the area just to get in a bike ride on this sunny day.

I am not familiar with “garceau” as a name for a potty, and around here they seem to be more apt to be called Honey Buckets. This one was not set up for Garage Sale seekers — and is found at the ballfields at the elementary school.

Along with this find, I found something that may or may not pass muster for the brick challenge. I will post it there.

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  1. By: Bill Stone Posted: April 27, 2019

    Nancy, “garceau” is a name I coined for porta-potties a few years ago as a friendly joke at the expense of you-know-who.

  2. By: NancyG Posted: April 27, 2019

    AHA! Before my time on the site ;’-). Clears that up for me.

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