Radiate Away

Ah, more beautiful spring-like weather that finally aligned with a weekend. We only had half of our normal rainfall for July which meant there were many gorgeous days… they just usually lined up with the weekdays when I was doing the super-long stressful working hours much of the month.

So here is August and the first three days were very nice, and for once, the cold, windy and wet-but-not-wet-enough weather is going to come through the work week.

So here are a few entries for the Radiation challenge from our rides this weekend.

One of the things I don’t like about Oz is the huge amount of money spent on roadworks signs. In America, the contractor whacks up something really simple. In Oz, they signpost even the smallest sections of roadworks with expensive signs to sell how wonderful the government is. Some of the signs will be double or triple the size of this one. And they leave them up for years after. This work was done in 2014. Please note the sun radiation in the sign. The other radiation entry is my pannier bag that used to be red but has had enough UV radiation now to be quite faded.

This ride was meant to pick up a few new roads in the valley and test whether the magpies had started attacking yet on a particular road (no, but I was attacked 4 times yesterday and once on this ride on other roads).

Can you see the first cherry blossoms starting to burst on the trees? First of the season.
Wandering along a couple of new roads in the floodplain near Markwood and there are billabongs and low spots like this full of water all over the place. Very pleasant. The river is about 500 metres away.
New road in the floodplain that goes around this big outlier hill.
More billabongs filled with seasonal rain (and we haven’t even got much rain this year so far).

The idea was to see if we could hook up some laneways off the Carboor-Everton Road. This one wasn’t marked at all on the sealed road, but we took a chance it might go through.

There’s no road sign, but it looks like a road reserve and the two track is rideable. Let’s give it a go.
Here we are at the intersection of the unnamed superhighway and what is called Morris Lane on my map. It looks like you could keep going ahead on the superhighway. But we’ll head down the heavily traveled Morris Lane instead today.
Morris Lane. Another heavily trafficked rural Oz road.
I chose the rut on the left. It is deceptively deep. I dipped my toes on the down stroke of the pedal.
I could ride roads like this forever. Definitely not fast, but I don’t care about speed or kms – it’s all about the new roads these days 🙂
Kneebones Gap Road. We’ve ridden this one before. One magpie attack along here but not a serious one.
Triple radiation. Fabric on Verne’s head faded from 30,000 miles of UV radiation; another radiated sun on the sign; plus the ELF radiation from the power lines in the background.
More ELF radiation in the power lines here. Those power lines take power to Melbourne. There is still much debate about whether exposure to ELF radiation can cause harm. And is it the magnetic or the electric field of radiation that does the harm? It is, of course, all about dose-response.
Mobile phone tower radiation – can you see the tower above Kermit’s head? The buildings off to the right are associated with the famous Brown Brothers Winery. Mobile phones use RF waves which sit between FM radio waves and microwaves on the electromagnetic spectrum. Can these cause cancer? Again, all about dosage, but the research says: https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2018-04-30/mobile-phone-radiation-health-explainer-biophysics/9702630

And finally, here is song with Radiate in the lyrics. I have posted this video on my own website before. The singer-songwriter is from my favourite band Husker Du. He lived a very hard, fast, drug and alcohol-fueled life, particularly in the hardcore punk days of Husker Du. Later in life, he wrote some really under-rated albums that were maybe a bit folk. And this song, to me, was his way of saying goodbye. He died in 2017 from liver cancer, and I love the gentle but raw energy in this song from someone who played anything but gentle music for a few decades.

Nerdy chick in Australia who loves to ride and is accompanied by the crew: 'The Commander' Verne and the 'Mental Health Specialist' Kermit.

12 response to "Radiate Away"

    • By: The Navigator Posted: August 4, 2020

      Actually, your touring bike is probably radiating the most envy as all these roads and tracks were pretty smooth, and the tracks had no slop in them since it hadn’t rained in ten days. You could have ridden everything on these rides on 30mm tires with no worries! The Ogre might be a bit of overkill, except after rain?

  1. By: Suzanne Posted: August 3, 2020

    Nice roads to explore, so quiet, they look very soothing. Good job on finding ratiation!

  2. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: August 3, 2020

    Great roads to ride! They look smooth enough not to interfere too much — not lots of loose or soft material.
    Good you can get out an go, friend Mark in Melbourne can go out for essentials one hour a day, and not go beyond 6km. And as you said before, the police can and do check.

    Hope to the good cycling weather continues.

    • By: The Navigator Posted: August 4, 2020

      Yep, these roads were all good and smooth on those rides. You could easily do 23-25 kph on the gravel roads as they did not have a top, rocky layer. These roads won’t ride that nice in the drier weather, but they are definitely better than some others that are around.

      Yes, Melbourne went to quite strict restrictions with a curfew. In regional VIC, we just went back to the stay-at-home orders, but that is okay as I was still doing stay-at-home measures anyway because of my wonky immune system. Fingers crossed as we still don’t have any cases where I live. There is a mask order for the whole state which is good, too. Hopefully it is all enough to get the virus back under control! The other states are feeling pretty smug, but several of them had the same issues with returned traveller quarantine that sparked the Melbourne outbreak – so they just got lucky and dodged the bullet it sounds like!

  3. By: gregblood Posted: August 4, 2020

    As much as I tried to enlarge the picture of the power lines, I just couldn’t see the radiation — or an ELF. And as much as I tried to stop myself from writing this stupid comment, I just couldn’t do it.

    Anyway, what I really meant to say is: That was some good, creative radiation-finding.

    • By: The Navigator Posted: August 5, 2020

      Ha! How Trump-ian of you: I can’t see it, so it must not be real. Fake news.

      I think the Elf might be hanging out on the shelf.

  4. By: NancyG Posted: August 4, 2020

    Delightful post Em. Your ride had to have been such a treat on those gorgeous paths and roads. I try as much as possible to not ride through any puddle for the exact reason you found —— some can be mighty deep, and who knows what they are hiding! I see you had little choice on your path.

    • By: The Navigator Posted: August 5, 2020

      Yeah, I don’t really mind puddle depth, like you say, it’s the big or sharp rocks you can’t see that make me avoid puddles. I could have carried the bike and jumped over the running water side of the puddle, but that was too much effort!

  5. By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: August 5, 2020

    The magpies start early there alright.

    • By: The Navigator Posted: August 5, 2020

      Oh yeah, I usually get swooped at least once a ride from the first week of July until about the first week of November. Mid-August to late-Sept is the worst though.

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