Radiation in the Woods

I’ll start with an apology – I have left all the comments on my last post unanswered. So thank you thank you everyone for your kind and generous words. I really do appreciate them, but get bogged down sometimes. And I do see that many of you do scroll through and find the comments made on original comments. As far as I can tell, there is no notification on these further comments.

Now to radiation: At first I thought radiation was a rather abstract and dry theme for the month (my lack of imagination) – but indeed it has proven to be very inspiring, to wit all the great posts so far.

I spent a while in the woods with my camera, soft focus optic attached, and within a small radius (!) found more specimens of nature’s radiation design than I had imagined possible. By the way, I included the bicycle wheel as I also consider it part of nature’s design. And speaking of bicycle-in-the-picture, well I just didn’t.

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In the next couple of days, I won’t be riding, I won’t even be going outside. I have unfortunately had another bout with a bladder infection that is not responding to antibiotics. It’s all been very wearisome and frustrating and to make matters worse I had an allergic reaction to one antibiotic. The next one prescribed causes photosensitivity and phototoxic reactions and it is advised not to go in the sun at all, at least for seven days. The weather forecast for the next week is sunny and hot. RADIATION! I want no part of it in this case. Nice cool and cloudy days is what I want.

A final picture after the heavy rains a few days ago

I'm a US born ex-pat, having lived most of my adult life in Munich, Germany. Cycling and photography are my favorite things.

10 response to "Radiation in the Woods"

  1. By: NancyG Posted: August 5, 2020

    Bike Shmike you know ;โ€™-).

    You and I were certainly on the same page at the start of this radiation challenge. I thought of it as not a โ€˜thingโ€™ but a thought or, as you say, something abstract. Creative or imaginative thinking is obviously not one of my strong points. I have gotten a lot of ideas from all the other creative and imaginative posts. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿšดโ€โ™€๏ธ.

    I love all those nature radiating photos Suzanne. And I am saddened that you are sidelined with some health issues. Take good care and get back on the saddle soon. Iโ€™m with you about preferring cool to hot riding conditions ;โ€™-).

    • By: Suzanne Posted: August 5, 2020

      Thanks for the good wishes, Nancy! I hope to be back on my bike soon, but not too soon. I think I have to be more careful about recovering completely from an infection before I get too active. Live and learn.

      • By: NancyG Posted: August 5, 2020

        Oh please do do a slow re-entry Suzanne. I think we all tend to be impatient about getting back โ€œto itโ€, no matter what it is. And those of us who are active have a harder time with patience. Will be thinking of you with the most positives I can muster. ;โ€™-)

  2. By: gregblood Posted: August 5, 2020

    I’ve never seen some of those plants before. What are those green things — approximately 50 of them — each with about eight sharp leaves?

  3. By: Suzanne Posted: August 5, 2020

    I have an app for identifying plants – I’ll have a look to see if I can find them and will let you know….. I think it is some kind of moss, couldn’t identify it for sure. Maybe (common) haircap moss [Polytrichum commune]

  4. By: Scooter Posted: August 5, 2020

    Abstract and dry? Iโ€™m so hurt! It would be unkind to suggest your infection is karmic retribution, so I wonโ€™t suggest that. Get well!

  5. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: August 5, 2020

    Great slideshow with beautiful photos!
    That intersection is pretty interesting too.
    Hope the meds work for you quickly.

  6. By: Rocky Posted: August 5, 2020

    Great photos! Iโ€™m sorry about your infection and not being able to bicycle. I hope it clears up quickly!

  7. By: Laura Posted: August 5, 2020

    Interesting pictures. Sorry to hear that you’re becoming a temporary shut-in. My arms are very sun sensitive. If you ever see a picture of me in full riding garb, you’ll probably see arm covers. They are often pulled off quicker than the helmet when I stop. Some doctor’s think my problem is due to Sjogren’s and some Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosis. If I keep the arms under cover, I’m fine, so I don’t really worry about my cause. Those UTI’s are a bummer…get well soon.

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