RIDE # 47: 08 APRIL 2019

Three rides in three days.  My legs don’t know what hit them.  Especially after yesterday’s 114km jaunt.  There has been no respite from the heat.  39ºC / 102ºF by the time we finished at noon.

I needed a much gentler spin to stretch the legs this morning after the dehydration and cramps of yesterday.

This is one way to fit 40km of riding into a 5km by 5km box.

100 metres from home is my new favourite café.  Bean Brothers in the LINC KL.  The café on the left below the green cladding.

Bean Brothers serves a variety of coffee blends.  I couldn’t decide between the two on offer this morning, so I had both with my unusually healthy breakfast.

I’ll probably be there again tomorrow morning.


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  1. By: The Navigator Posted: April 10, 2019

    Always nice to have a gentle spin after a big ride. The salad looks yummy and the cafe atmoshere bright and clean.

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