3 response to "RIDE #63: 06 MAY 2018"

  1. By: Tony Cullimore Posted: May 7, 2018

    Who would have thought there were so many bridge types!

    I see with your large group you carry a few chairs – is that in case the cafe doesn’t have enough?

    • By: Alchemyrider Posted: May 8, 2018

      Hi Tony. Well spotted re the plastic chairs and stools.

      We were at the top of a very popular climb. Where there is nothing but the shade afforded by that overpass.

      An enterprising gent has recently started driving up there on weekends and selling cold drinks and cut fruit out of the boot of his car. That’s his black car in the background.

      He also brings with him a table, chairs, and stools. Plus a floor pump and some tools.

      On a good day, there must be 200 or more cyclists who do that 16km climb. This gent is on to a good thing!

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