RIDE #69: 21 MAY 2018

The raindrops started falling 10km into the ride.  It was bright and sunny when I left home, as you can see from the view back to where I came from.

It is an odd angle for a bike shot, but there is a bit of my bike in the photograph below.  The rectangular headlight lens is below my Garmin 1000.  The thing that appears above the Garmin is my saddle.

It was 90 minutes before the rain stopped.  Lots of motorcyclists pulled up beside me to pull on rain gear, and in some cases, swap shoes for flip flops.

This was early in the storm.  Within minutes the sky was full of black clouds and sparking with lightning.  The Twin Towers in the photograph above were invisible behind a curtain of grey.

Though the rain had stopped before I got going again, there was a lot of water on the road.   My soaked shoes are drying on a windowsill.

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