Riding raw on Highway 101

When I first heard that a nude bicyclist was cruising down extremely busy Highway 101 in the middle of high speed traffic in the South Bay today, I feared it would be our dear “Goddess” Kathleen, who lives nearby. Upon careful examination, it appears not to be her.

Just kidding, Kathleen!

(Photo from the Daily News)

They call me Old Grumble-Face. I have no idea why they do that....

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  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: July 20, 2018

    Do we know, (or want to know) what that was all about and how it, ahem, ended?
    Speaking of —– there may be someone looking for you over on the CG forums. Under Photography, probably somewhat down the list at this point

    • By: Bill Stone Posted: July 20, 2018

      Rich, local TV news was all over this story this evening. That really is four or five lanes of traffic moving at 60 or 70 MPH. And the guy really was riding naked. With video from passing drivers, this was a perfect story to boost ratings! He managed to get away without getting caught or killed, and no one knows who or why. Google “highway 101 nude bicyclist” or something like that and you can find the video.

      PS: Thanks. I contacted her directly.

  2. By: gregblood Posted: July 21, 2018

    When I saw my e-mail notification of your post, and it was titled “Riding Raw On Highway 101” I, too, first thought of The Goddess–riding with nothing on but a set of wings. But really, I SHOULD have been thinking of the guy who actually published an entire article about naked bike tourists on that other website. Come on, admit it–was the mysterious rider on the 101 YOU!!!!???

    • By: Bill Stone Posted: July 22, 2018

      Well, Greg, it’s true that out here in California we all ride nude all the time, so that’s no big deal at all. We were just amazed that anyone — clothed or not — could manage to squeeze a bike onto an overcrowded freeway in the middle of our constant state of traffic gridlock!

  3. By: Kathleen Jones Posted: July 23, 2018

    We are truly disgusted with you people. How can you think we would ride a bike in the nude on the freeway? Bikes are soooo uncomfortable. Of course we’d only do it on a trike. And the rider in the photo is clearly riding counter-commute and where’s the challenge in that with all that room between cars? Bumper to bumper is the way to go. That way they can keep up with us.

    Really. Of all the nerve.

    ~Yr Goddess

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