Scavenger Hunt 2 — Outdoor Art

Patriotic Display — South Gate subdivision




Not long after the previous photo, a guy hailed me from his driveway.

He needed an extra hand getting the rear wheel back on his motorcycle.

This has nothing to do with the Hunt, but it sort of does, since I ‘almost’ included a recumbent bicycle on a list

As far as I know, the only recumbent in town

Outdoor Art — South Gate Sub    (I was going to stop and include the Diamond Back, but the lady on the front porch with a 12 gauge shotgun, corncob pipe, and little brown jug made me decide otherwise.)  JK!!!!, but there really was a lady on the porch.  Note reel lawn mower.







Young man on an electric scooter blows past me on 7th street

2 response to "Scavenger Hunt 2 — Outdoor Art"

  1. By: gregblood Posted: June 9, 2021

    So are you saying that if we want to find a reel lawn mower we need to either find a golf course or a hillbilly house?

    • By: Rich-Illinois Posted: June 9, 2021

      Pretty much. . . . . .
      Although, there IS a reason they use reel lawn mowers on golf courses, especially the greens, there is no mower that cuts a finely as a reel.
      So, THAT says something about your brother and Park Tool, — only the BEST will do.
      Should have added, the reason is, reel lawn mowers act as a rotating pair of scissors — unlike a rotary that whacks into the grass at 3,000 + rpm.

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