Another rain forecast gone awry! Fortunately. I hesitated this morning as the sky looked a bit dark. As it lightened up I hopped on my bike for a spin close to home in my neighborhood — the fall-back route I often take from home.

This sign in just down the road from me.

Anyone’s guess about whether tomorrow’s rain forecast will happen!

4 response to "SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE: SIGN #9"

  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: September 13, 2018

    Rain in the Carolinas seems fairly certain 🙁
    Most dog walkers here really are pretty responsible about cleaning up — makes mowing the lawn a little less stressful!

    • By: NancyG Posted: September 13, 2018

      They are quite good around here, but there is the errant one or two that need reminding I suppose. This sign is in the corner of a neighbor’s yard —- indication of them having some issues perhaps?
      Thanks for you response.

  2. By: Suzanne Posted: September 15, 2018

    I should get a sign like that. Some people let their dogs into the property around our building, and then they (the owners) hide around the corner and wait for their dogs. But I ferret them out and give them a piece of my mind! If you own a dog in the city, you better be prepared to take the time to walk it.

    • By: NancyG Posted: September 15, 2018

      Good for you to call those dog owners on proper etiquette of their pets. At one time we too had some errant dog walkers and would find some unwanted deposits at the edge of our lawn, but fortunately they seem to be either gone or educated.
      Welcome back by the way, I have missed you posts. ;’-)

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