Serendipitous Wall

After about a month’s hiatus four of us did a pre-dawn ride today.  Pai and I started from his home and we picked up Kelin and Bin Soo where they live.

By 8.15am we had covered 70km and were thinking about coffee.  We usually get our cuppas at The Artisan Roast next door to Pai’s home.  Kelin suggested a cafe closer to where he and Bin Soo live.  So we followed him to Bean Brothers.

The cafe is in a repurposed warehouse amongst small factories and other warehouses.  It is a massive space and there is an upper floor as well.

Bean Brothers is a bit out of the way.  Which probably explains why we were the only ones in the place at that early hour.

I was oblivious to what the latest Cycle 365 challenge was when we did our ride this morning.  It’s curious how things work out sometimes.

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  1. By: Seasidejanet Posted: December 7, 2018

    You could get your entire “large crew riding group” in that space pretty easy!! Nice space..

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