Some mailboxes, monuments, memorials and more

The guys and I did an overnight ride on Friday and Saturday and were able to satisfy our triple m challenge. It wasn’t the most fun ride ever, but I am glad to have taken advantage of good weather. You will note in the feature photo that I did get the domesticated animal mailbox trifecta. After already knocking over HORSE and PIG, we found a COW (or somehow remembered where we had seen it once before).

The plan was to check out the Woolshed Road to see if it was something we could recommend to Lednar as an alternate route to Beechworth. The Woolshed Valley has several sites related to Ned Kelly and Joe Byrne and there are interpretive signposts along the way that give the history. And yes, I can recommend that as a possible way to go. It is heavily corrugated here and there, but worth it if it’s the only time you’ll be in the area. Some of the crew made greater sacrifices than others to reccy this route. You can read all about it HERE.

Nerdy chick in Australia who loves to ride and is accompanied by the crew: 'The Commander' Verne and the 'Mental Health Specialist' Kermit.

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  1. By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: February 23, 2020

    Wow, you put so much effort into your journals. Thanks for checking out the Woolshed Rd, Ned Kelly locations. Looking like I’ll be around your way first weekend of April. Hope you will be feeling better.
    Catch ya later

    • By: The Navigator Posted: February 25, 2020

      No worries, you’ve got options. The rail trail is nice, if not a bit same-ish after a bit, but it is a very easy way to get up to Beechworth. This route is definitely more challenging but has a lot more diversity in scenery and history. But you can never do it all, or see it all, that’s for sure!

  2. By: Suzanne Posted: February 23, 2020

    Now that was a close call! Glad your old Kermit is safe and sound. Sorry that your reaction to this round of the antibiotics is so dreadful. It can only get better. Loved your ride though.
    And isn’t it the truth that those stupid drivers don’t know that they need to slow down a little when passing close. Why is that so hard???

    • By: The Navigator Posted: February 25, 2020

      Thanks for the thoughts. I think a lot of drivers just don’t care over here, and some people have no idea what it feels like to be on a bike and passed that closely. I want a tshirt that says, “Pass me like I’m your mother”.

  3. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: February 24, 2020

    Wow, glad you got Kermit back!
    Reminds me of when Jeff and Kristen lost Walter!

    Cool mailboxes, and glad you got a good ride in.

    Best on beating the bartonella!

    • By: The Navigator Posted: February 25, 2020

      I think you jinxed us, Rich. You just talked about harnesses for the mtn bike, and then the very next ride, I bounce Kermit off the touring bike. He’s never fallen out in 10 years of riding until you said something…..

  4. By: gregblood Posted: February 24, 2020

    I got the same heart-in-the-throat feeling when I thought maybe you lost Kermit forever. I am so glad you went back and found him.

    I almost had the same experience on my last bike tour when a gust of wind blew G-2 away from my campsite. I desperately chased him down the road for an entire block and finally caught up and stepped on him to prevent him from flying off even further. I don’t know if I would have continued the chase had he been blown another block or two, and I probably wouldn’t have gone back for him while on the road. Sure, he’s been my cartoon alter-ego for a few years, but our relationship doesn’t even come close to your’s and Kermit’s.

    • By: The Navigator Posted: February 25, 2020

      Oh, yes, your riding companions are considerably less durable than Verne and Kermit, and much more prone to disaster in wind and water. There is absolutely no way I wouldn’t have gone back for Kermit. I would have ridden or walked up and down that rode until I found him, even if it took days. I was certain I would find him, I was just VERY afraid that he would be run over by that car.

  5. By: Hopkins Escapades Posted: February 24, 2020

    Hopkins was shouting at me, “She’s GOT to find KERMIT! She’s GOT to find KERMIT!” Boy was I relieved when I kept reading the story to him and the reunion was a happy one and he’d miraculously been missed by the vehicle that was heading his direction. I bet Kermit holds tight to Verne from here on out. Maybe they both need a little safety harnesses to wear in their compartment?

    So glad you were able to get out for an overnighter, but boy this bartonella is certainly not making your outings a happy occasion without some price to pay. I do hope the antibiotics kick it’s arse to the curb soon!! Cheers & feel better!

    • By: The Navigator Posted: February 25, 2020

      Yes, we HAD to find Kermit. I am so grateful he wasn’t run over by the car. I would never have forgiven myself. At least the bartonella has a name. Most of last year I felt really terrible but had no diagnosis and no way forward. Even with the puking, reflux and other issues, it is still not as bad as it was. I am so happy to at least know what I’m fighting at this point. My immune system and nervous system got really messed up with a mosquito virus, so I’d love to be able to get rid of the bartonella load on my immune system, so it can fully heal, too. Patience, I guess!

  6. By: Lah Posted: February 24, 2020

    An overnight sounds so delightful! Animal mailboxes are so cute. Our subdivision has few rules, but one is the mailboxes must all be the same…I mean even the house numbers on them must be the exact same size. How much more boring could 8 or 9 hundred identical mailboxes (except for the house number) get! Glad you had a good time, even if it wasn’t your favorite route.

    So glad you found Kermit. On my ride from southern to northern border of Indiana, my yellow rubber ducky bailed. I have never found another one with such a cute face…I think I’ve bought three more now, but still looking for one that looked like Amarilla. From my journal: “My snack bag was tied onto my bungees and came off at one point. I turned around to pick it up and noticed Amarilla had jumped ship. No idea where, but I liked that little yellow duck, so was a bit bummed that she’d bailed. Maybe she jumped off back with the geese.’

    • By: The Navigator Posted: February 25, 2020

      Yes, I have heard many HOA horror stories and could see they would be strict about mailboxes. I’m so sorry you lost Amarilla, but hopefully she found another good home. I rescued a small elephant from a rail trail back in 2012 that had obviously fallen from someone’s bike. I almost ran over her (small and grey and looked like a rock). I propped her up at a nearby park bench, but when I came back that way six hours later at the end of the day she was still there. So she came home with us and still hangs out with our general animal mob. We named her “Lotto” – since it was her lucky day to be found and cared for 🙂

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