Tea art ride

Monday morning I woke up with a tremendous pain in my right foot. I could barely hobble my way down stairs for breakfast, so I scheduled an appointment with the doc as soon as the office opened. Doctor Paurelle determined that I was indeed in much pain (oh he can be cruel with his probings) so I was sent to the radiologist for pictures. unfortunately, the radiologist was booked until Wednesday, so I bided my time eating ibuprofen and keeping my foot up. The two days passed slowly, but come the time the x-rays revealed…..nothing! In fact by Friday the pain was gone as mysteriously as it appeared. So why not get out?

The most public art piece in Gevrey is probably this. The Gates of the Seasons a sculpture made to display the work in the vines during the four seasons and made from old farming implements, winemaking tools, bottles, etc. From Gevrey I rode south to Nuits St. Georges and a welcome cup of tea in the Café de Paris.

The terrasse is bare of all the summer-time tables. Last weeks warm weather is forgotten, and we are hunkering down for the winter. The tourists are gone, too.

The barista gets me some hot water and Darjeeling tea. “Does one good” she tells me. I have to remove my jacket, and unzip my jersey because the heat is turned up in the bar. Its only nine degrees outside (that’s Celsius for those of you in Myanmar) but still the people here think its cold.

Nuits has its own rainiac statue. IN the summer the umbrella drips water from the points.  Leaving Nuits, I ride up and over the hills to get back home. Nice cool day, not much wind, a pleasant couple of hours in my “back yard”.

Friday, Nov. 2nd.

Kilometers ridden: 44

Tea consumed: two cups.

Old fogy from France. Rides bikes and eats.

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  1. By: Scooter Posted: November 4, 2018

    Good luck with the foot! Gout perhaps? Maybe a bit less vin rouge in the diet?

  2. By: Bikerdockeith Posted: November 4, 2018

    Hi Scott,
    Dr. P didn’t think it was gout, but that thought did cross my mind. No redness or swelling though so maybe he was right. And he tells me to limit my white wine intake or to drink lots of water if I find it too tempting. So far, he hasn’t said anything about red wine.

    • By: Rich-Illinois Posted: November 4, 2018

      “Idiopathic” a cool sounding medical term when they have no idea what is going on. 🙂
      New bicycle is looking good!
      Happy to know you are back cycling.

  3. By: NancyG Posted: November 4, 2018

    Very intriguing art work made of farm implements. Clever and interesting.
    I hope your foot remains pain free and healthy!

  4. By: Seasidejanet Posted: November 4, 2018

    Nice “back yard”. I’ve been having leg cramps in the night. Very painful ones….I’ve tried to drink more water and added an electrolyte packet to a glass of water a day. Better soon.

    • By: The Navigator Posted: November 5, 2018

      Janet – I’m not sure if it will help you, but have you tried magnesium? I have real issues with muscle pain in my legs, including cramps, neuropathy and lactic acid stuff. Magnesium does help me some, but it has helped others considerably.

    • By: Rich-Illinois Posted: November 5, 2018

      My Chief Executive Officer has had severe leg cramps too, found a product called Theraworx and it seems to help her — no cramps since she started it.

  5. By: Tony Cullimore Posted: November 4, 2018

    East / drink something.
    Wait x hours (you chose value for x)
    Foot / feet hurt; No = food / drink OK; Go cycling !
    Yes = food / drink to avoid; no cycling.
    Loop to start.

  6. By: The Navigator Posted: November 5, 2018

    Nice ride, glad the mysterious pain has ceased. I see they used my body shape as inspiration for the woman’s figure holding the umbrella. LOL!

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