Teaneuring #2 — still in Cali ;’-)

This poster we found in Folsom is a perfect opener…

I took myself on a tea search from the house. Well, maybe I cannot call it a “search” as I found a route on RWGPS (Ride With GPS) titled “Elk Grove Starbucks”.

For a long while I was wondering if I was on the correct route because there were no voice cues coming through to me after a turn I made, and it felt like I was riding so far! But I was enjoying the country ride and the worst that would happen is that I would follow this same road back to where I started.

With that in mind, I rolled along by some cattle ranches…

I passed by some fruit orchards but don’t know what the fruit was. Also everything is so dry here that I wonder how things grow. Gotta take a lot of irrigation.

Yard art was entertaining too.

The traffic was fairly sparse along most of the route, but when it came it was quite fast. At least it seemed so to me at my speed. I continued on still wondering if I was going in the right direction and soon the voice cue told be to turn right. YES! I was not lost.

The last leg of the route took me by the local prison.

And by a solar panel field, too expansive to actually get a good photo of the size field and number of panels.

And this somewhat interesting sign.

And then ——— finally ——- I was at tea at lunch time ;’-)

Teaneuring #2

Thursday 10/18: sunny and clear as usual here, and getting hot for the afternoon.

Starbucks (one of many) in Elk Grove CA.

27 mile ride through the country side

Emporers Clouds and Mist Green Tea

A young fellow came to ask about my Bike Friday as he wants a good folding bike for ease of transport around town to friends or visits with others. He was a little disappointed when I responded to his where did I get my bike questions. I got it Eugene OR (where they are made), and not around here where he lives. We had a nice conversation and then I went in for my purchases.

Great day.


5 response to "Teaneuring #2 — still in Cali ;’-)"

  1. By: Lah Posted: October 19, 2018

    I see you are on a roll! (Pun intended.) I’ll have to give Ride with GPS another try. I haven’t managed to find one around here that has drawn my attention. Love your yard art. Glad you had a great (tea) ride #2.

    • By: NancyG Posted: October 19, 2018

      Thanks Laura. RWGPS has some ideas anyway — something to try out if you are unfamiliar with an area. They are rides that people do and post on that site for others to use if they wish. When you go to the site, go to “search” and plug in the info they ask for. I hope that will help you find something of interest.

  2. By: Tony Cullimore Posted: October 19, 2018

    The first time I used RWGPS I heard muffled voices along the way. The phone was in the pannier and I didn’t realise the voices in my head were from the phone, it was talking to me.

    • By: NancyG Posted: October 20, 2018

      Takes getting acquainted with ;’-). I wish when it indicates you are on the incorrect road, it would tell you how to get on the correct one!

  3. By: Kathleen Jones Posted: October 20, 2018

    Nice ride. I love that you can suddenly be in farm country not too many minutes from urban or suburban areas. And lo! There will still be a Starbucks.

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