The Bike for Humanity challenge

Many, perhaps most of you will remember Bill Walton: the star center of the UCLA basketball team from 1972-74, he led the Bruins to two straight national championships and an 88 game winning streak, while being named the college basketball player of the year for three straight seasons.  After college he of course turned professional, leading our Portland Trailblazers to their only national championship in 1977.

I’m not really a sports fan, and I lost track of Bill after he left the Blazers a few years later.  Today though he’s back in the news promoting charitable giving through his current favorite activity, bicycling.  Here’s Walton discussing his initiative, a virtual group bike ride on April 25th.  He encourages us to register for the Bike for Humanity event, biking wherever you feel is allowed and safe on that date. He suggests keeping a safe distance of 6 feet, 11 inches – an odd metric, until you remember that that is his height.

So, as a 365 challenge, let’s Bike for Humanity!  Register here, contribute whatever you can, and if you contribute $50 or more, show us a photo of yourself in your Bike for Humanity tee shirt.  Even better, contribute $5,000, feel great about yourself, and then show us a picture of you bicycling with Walton after he flies you down to a San Diego as your reward.

This is just a placeholder for now. I’ll add a real description when I get more time.

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  1. By: The Navigator Posted: April 15, 2020

    Ha! No bike for humanity tshirt here – there is not international mail between Oz and bunch of countries, including US, right now! I won’t join this challenge, but I do donate a portion of my salary each year to various causes, and I will do something COVID-19 related this year.

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