The final 3 rides of 2018

There were some walls of hay, a sunrise, a floatie session and a lot of brown vegetation in our final three rides of the year. The high temperature yesterday was 43C, and we are heading toward that again today and tomorrow. So the guys and I are just hanging out and relaxing. No more riding until the heatwave has concluded. Read all about our final three rides here.

Nerdy chick in Australia who loves to ride and is accompanied by the crew: 'The Commander' Verne and the 'Mental Health Specialist' Kermit.

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  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: December 28, 2018

    Great narrative of all thats gone on this year.
    Condolences for your colleague Janet.
    Excellent news you are recovering and on the road back to good health.
    3 very good rides, beautiful photos.
    Best in 2019!

  2. By: The Navigator Posted: December 28, 2018

    Thanks, Rich. I hope you have a wonderful 2019 and that winter is not too harsh to keep you from getting out on the bike at intervals frequent enough to satisfy you bike riding desires 🙂

    • By: Rich-Illinois Posted: December 29, 2018

      Thanks again 🙂

      Teflon coated brain here — meant to mention the beautiful Solstice sunrise!!!

      • By: The Navigator Posted: December 29, 2018

        Ha! I do know about teflon brain the past year. The sunrise didn’t really qualify because I didn’t have the bike in the photo nor on an east-west road. It is hard to find ones that go directly east-west here. We have a lot of straight roads, but none are directly east-west or north-south. I can definitely tell the solstice at home though by where the sun hits the house and windows for a couple weeks on either side. When I lived in Ft Collins, CO you could really follow the seasons by where the sun set behind the mountains – it gave a much easier reference point than in the flat places I’ve lived!

  3. By: NancyG Posted: December 28, 2018

    Em, what a wonderful wrap up for your year. I enjoyed your blog and your photos a great deal. Indeed, you have had a battle to return to health, and though it is not totally over yet, you will be back to your old self in the near future. Your goals for 2019 are right on!
    I look forward to reading stories for 2019 as you bike through, and hopefully, rest through the days that biking is not the right thing for you to do. Keep on recovering and letting us know how things are going for you.

    • By: The Navigator Posted: December 29, 2018

      Thank you, Nancy. It’s been a pleasure to read your posts here, too. Yes, let’s hope I can continue on the recovery trajectory I’m currently experiencing and I’ll be back to longer rides this time next year!

  4. By: Seasidejanet Posted: December 28, 2018

    As always a great read!! So sorry to hear about your friend Janet….I don’t meet many Janet’s interesting you know two.

    I always pickup trash when I’m on duty at Pt Lobos and it’s gotten to be such a habit I do it wherever I walk….as well as my nail/screw findings on the road. We do what we can and it’s all good.

    Loving Vincent was one of my favorite movies of this past year or maybe ever. It was like “eye candy” hope you enjoyed it!! So glad you are starting to see so much improvement….hope 2019 is a much better year. Who knew all your touring was just practice for a year of health challenge…I’m sure many lessons learned on the road prepared you for this and helped you maneuver the tuff days.


    • By: The Navigator Posted: December 29, 2018

      Thank you, Janet. You are right, there are not too many Janets out there, particularly in my generation.

      Yes, I loved Loving Vincent. It was soooo beautiful. I probably need to watch it again though because I was so focused on the hand-painted scenes that I wasn’t paying enough attention at all times to remember all the versions of the story being offered about his death 🙂

      I am not sure anything could have prepared me for this past year – though the resilience and mental toughness built over the years of various tough times probably helped. As someone who has always been athletic and healthy, it was very hard to get my head around my body not doing whatever I wanted it to do. I am grateful I was able to keep working though and had care in the Australian system where I went through some savings to cover some costs, but it was only about 1/3 of the cost of the same treatments/tests in America.

  5. By: Tony Cullimore Posted: December 28, 2018

    Well, that was a shitty year. It’s good you are ending on a more positive note re health and recovery. I understand ME/CFS can hang around annoyingly with adults. I suspect that everyone reading your 2018 wrap-up hopes your system keeps improving through 2019. With your plan to not set specific goals and not to cycle to your 2016-2017 limits we think you are in the right track.

    Best wishes for 2019 from Sue and myself.

    • By: The Navigator Posted: December 29, 2018

      Thank you, Tony. Your first sentence really sums it up 🙂 Yes, the prognosis for ME/CFS is pretty terrible. Only 5-7 percent totally recover and some suggest that no one ‘recovers’ but that you just go into ‘remission’. You are at heightened risk of it coming back (and/or it getting worse) for the rest of your life. However, I was told not to expect full recovery from either West Nile or ME/CFS, so I don’t have unrealistic expectations. If I can get to 85% of pre-illness capacity, I will be happy. I take heart knowing that I am one of the 25% of people with ME/CFS that can work and that I managed to drag myself in even in the really bad days in Jan/Feb. So maybe I can achieve some sort of remission. On the plus side, I REALLY hear what my body is saying now and am very attuned to all its little signs. Have a great 2019 – what’s the goal for next year?

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