Portable restroom, portable toilet, porta-john, porta-potty, happy can, gottago, doodie hut, crap cabin, shit shack, kybo, outhouse, Garceau . . .

Whatever you call them, you’ve got to admit that portable restrooms are sometimes a godsend for us cyclists.  Sure, they’re often smelly and unsanitary beyond belief.  Sometimes they contain flies, cockroaches, millipedes, and other disgusting bugs.  And sometimes waste materials are left in there–natural and otherwise–that make you want to vomit.  Despite those conditions, I’d venture to guess that most of us have been compelled to use them in certain situations.

I realize there are a few people who know me from other biking websites who might be thinking this particular challenge is nothing more than an exercise in self-promotion.  Some Freudians out there might even call it a continuation of my childish obsession with all things toilet-related.  After all, I did write a Crazyguyonabike article on the use of outdoor restrooms a few years ago.  And I did invent a new religion in which the only official ritual is to pee in the Great Outdoors.

I’m sorry, I don’t think of it as an obsession.  I think of it as an area of expertise.  Perhaps my ONLY area of expertise.  Potato, potAHto.  Either way, whether cycling on a day ride or a longer tour, I prefer to do my business on the ground, but sometimes civility dictates that I must use a Garceau.


Thank you to Old Grumbleface for this picture. I didn’t know he was even in MY Town at the time, and I hadn’t noticed the sign when I used it but . . . here’s the proof.


Like many of the Cycle365 Challenges, the rules for this one are pretty loose.  You can take a picture of any local porta-john.  Try to include your bike.  It doesn’t even have to be a PORTABLE restroom, but it definitely DOES have to be a restroom that’s not connected to any modern plumbing.  In other words, a permanent outhouse with a pit toilet is acceptable–especially if it has a crescent moon carved in the door.

I will also accept any STORIES involving restrooms as well.  The stories can be recent or from the past.  Good stories don’t even need pictures.  I included a couple of outhouse stories in my aforementioned CGOAB article, but I think the best one I’ve ever heard was told to me verbally.  It might be a little embarrassing to the people involved, so I’m not going to expand on the story, nor am I going to divulge the names of the couple who are currently conducting an awesome tour on an anonymous island off the bootheel of Italy.  If the story is to be told, I will leave it to them.

There you go.  My first challenge has been issued.  Go for it!


Hi. My name is Greg and I ride my bike a lot. That is to say, I ride my bike almost every day. I go on long rides and short rides. Sunny rides, cloudy rides, and rainy rides. I like commuting, errand-running, day-tripping, overnighting, and touring on my bike. I ride on city streets, highways, gravel, single track, and snow with equal enthusiasm. Sometimes I ride fast and sometimes I ride slow. I try to keep my feet on the pedals at stop lights and I do not dismount when I hop up on a curb. I have a roadie bike, a mountain bike and a touring bike. I try to accept any challenge a bike ride can throw at me without complaint. But I don't like bugs.


  1. By: The Navigator Posted: April 19, 2019

    On a lot of my rides, there are no toilets at all.

    Maybe a photo of the TP and empty ziploc baggie I carry just in case…. (’cause you can’t dig a hole deep enough in our hard, dry soils most of the time)?

  2. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: April 19, 2019

    “Go for it!”
    Heh! Good one!

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