Trees in Line

I have just drunk my Sunday morning coffee having dressed in Tweed for today’s Launceston Junction Art Festival’s Tweed Ride.

While quenching thirst I caught up with the “In Line” entries.  So many and so good but I hadn’t time to comment on each – so here is another!

The picture is of a row of Pine trees providing wind shelter to the paddock behind.  They are fronted by a wonky line of Wattle trees who’s spring flowering is just about over.  There is a lot of new growth on the Pine trees and soon the Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoos will be ripping into them with gusto.

Now to head to Launceston – will there be an “In Line” at the Tweed Ride?


A bloke cycling in (mainly) Tasmania

3 response to "Trees in Line"

  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: September 7, 2019

    Great colors in the line of trees, and, the powerline lines and poles are in line too, as well as the fence line.

  2. By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: September 8, 2019

    Tony in tweed, looking distinguished, maybe a line up of tweed cyclists.

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