Virtual Tour 21: Kuala Lumpur to Penang Day 2

We were on the road a 6:00 am. We had 126km / 78mi to cover to Taiping.

By the time it was light enough to see our surroundings we were on the A112 Jalan Kampung Bali. A quiet Kampung Bali road.

Very quiet.

No one had eaten breakfast before we left Kampar. Once we had ridden for an hour it was time to look for a place to eat. About 25km / 16mi into the ride and in the middle of nowhere, we came upon D’Anjung Bali. Well, technically D’Anjung Bali is in Kampung Melayu Bali, but there are uninhabited kilometres on either side.

There was roti, and puri and nasi lemak. Puri is a puffy deep-fat fried bread made from unleavened whole-wheat flour. Like roti, it is eaten with chickpea or garbanzo bean curry.

Nasi lemak is the signature Malaysian breakfast. It is rice cooked in coconut milk, served with spicy sambal, fried anchovies, peanuts, cucumber and a boiled egg. Add-ons include fried chicken or beef rendang.

Over coffee and Milo Pai tried to convince us to choose the driver for Day 3. We all declined and said we would wait until dinner time to draw lots. None of us wanted to have our day spoiled by the knowledge that we would be driving the next day.

51km / 32mi into the ride we stopped for a drink at a roadside restaurant behind this clump of bamboo.

Once again we had blue skies and rising temperatures. At 10:30 am it was 30º C / 86º F. At 11:00 am it was 34º C / 93º F. We made a lot of stops for cold drinks and to sit in the shade for a while.

It got up to 38º C / 100º F by the time we got to our hotel in Taiping at 1:40 pm.

The rest of the day consisted of a cold shower, a nap and lots of eating.

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  1. By: The Navigator Posted: June 14, 2020

    You really do eat to ride! The food all looks delicious – still jealous that you can eat and ride, and that you can have breakfast before you ride! I will continue small snacks frequently along the way 🙂

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