Virtual Tour 22: Kuala Lumpur to Penang Day 3

Ham chim peng (Chinese fried doughnuts) and coffee for breakfast.

We rolled out of Taiping at 6:30 am.

I used Ride With GPS to plot the shortest route from our hotel to Federal Route 1. We would spend most of the day on that road. All went well until 7km from the hotel. We came to a right turn where the paved road became a narrow gravel track. Too narrow for the truck.

So Marvin had to find a driveable way to get to Federal Route 1. We forged ahead into the unknown.

No one dared to ride across this bridge.

The track was luckily rideable enough to get us to Federal Route 1.

We came to another interesting bridge across the Sungai Sepetang 14km into the day.

A short stretch of tractor-pacing.

We made a pit stop at this place on the Kerian River in Bandar Baharu. The food here was excellent and cheap.

The final 22km / 14mi to the Penang Sentral ferry terminal had the most traffic we had encountered on the entire trip. There is a lot of commercial traffic on the roads to Butterworth. We made a detour to avoid riding on the Butterworth Outer Ring Road over the last 5km to the ferry terminal.

We were on a ferry at 12:50 pm, having paid the princely sum of RM1.40 / USD0.34 each for the privilege. Which is incredibly cheap because no ticket is needed for the return trip from the island.

Most people drive to Penang over the two bridges linking the island with the mainland. Bicycles are not allowed on the bridges so it was the ferry for us. The ferry ride takes fifteen minutes. There is a nice view of the Penang Bridge during the crossing. The other bridge is further to the south.

It is just over 1km from the Raja Tun Uda ferry terminal on Penang island to our respective hotels on Lebuh Chulia.

One of the R@SKLs owns a hotel on Lebuh Chulia. We book the entire place on CFAL weekends.

After getting cleaned up we wasted no time getting to one of the main reasons to come to Penang. The street food.

It wasn’t all Asian street food. We had dessert at The Mugshot Café.

And some restorative beverages at the bar at the hotel. Kinda obvious that the owner is a cyclist.

Lots of eating and drinking was a very nice way to celebrate riding about 330km / 205mi over three days. Without a single puncture amongst us.

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    • By: Alchemyrider Posted: June 11, 2020

      The concrete beam one required particular care. What with slippery cycling shoes.

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