Virtual Tour 24: Ride to Schiphol

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport aka Schiphol is the main international airport of the Netherlands. Before 1852, the entire polder of Haarlemmermeer in which the airport lies was a large lake with some shallow areas. 17% of the country’s current land area has been reclaimed from the sea or lakes.

Schiphol is 50km / 31mi from Den Haag. A nice distance for a summer’s evening ride.

The sheep are the lawnmowers.

The Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava is particularly known for his bridges supported by single leaning pylons, This one is near Nieuwe Vennep.

As is this pedestrian bridge.

This is Schiphol airport from across the A5 motorway.

The view if your flight lands on runway 36L.

Riding along the canal near Abbenes.

Almost harvest time.

Watching the world go by in Leiden.

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  1. By: The Navigator Posted: June 14, 2020

    I sure wish our public infrastructure here could have such beautiful design elements as we often see in Europe. I just wonder if we can only build basic ugly stuff because we don’t have the population density to afford nice things? Or maybe Aussies are just functionalist utilitarians whose culture is shaped by the harsh environment where you just do what is needed to survive instead of trying to incorporate some beauty?

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