Virtual Tour 29: Taiwan Revisited Day 1

Dodsun is a Taiwanese OEM bike frame manufacturer.  One of their products is a relaxed geometry road bike in titanium.  What makes this bike stand out is the build.  The groupset is SRAM Red 22 eTap with hydraulic disc brakes.  The seat post, saddle, stem and handlebars are Ritchey.  The wheels are Ritchey WCS Zeta.

What makes this bike REALLY stand out is the price.  Approximately USD3,100 as specified above.  In effect, you get a free titanium frame with the SRAM Red eTap hydraulic disc brake groupset.

Our Taiwanese R@SKL member bought one and shipped it to Kuala Lumpur. In no time at all five other R@SKLs placed orders. On the understanding that they would make the trip to Taipei to collect their bikes once they were built.

Ten of us made the trip. The snag was that only two who had Dodsun bikes to collect were amongst the ten. The other three had to find people to bring their bikes to Kuala Lumpur for them. Which is how I came to ride a Dodsun during this Taiwan trip.

Riders and gear got to Taoyuan airport safely.

After checking into the City Suites Beimen we had time for a spin on Taipei’s outstanding bike path system.  These wide and smooth paths put many of the streets and roads in many other countries to shame.

Then we hit the shops.

And then found a place for dinner.

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