Virtual Tour 34: Den Haag 2

If you don’t want to ride a bike to these spots in Den Haag you can ride one of these. Everywhere is within walking distance of a tram stop.

Locations of places in the following photographs


The Knight’s Hall was built as a castle for the Earls of Holland in the 13th century. It sits in the Binnenhof, which is the building complex that includes the Parliament buildings.


The Wonders OF Europe photographic exhibition next to the Hofvijver in 2010.


The Mescidi Achsah mosque was built as a synagogue in 1844. The building served as a synagogue until 1975. In 1981 it was converted into a mosque by the Hague Turkish Islamic Association.


The Grote Kerk (Great Church) dates back to the 15th century.


The Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) was founded in 1656. It no longer functions as a church. Both cultural and business events now take place here, and the church remains popular as a venue to get married.


A statue of William 1 of Nassau-Orange, the ‘father of the nation.’ He led the revolt against the ruler of the Spanish Netherlands, Philip II of Spain.

The Plein square surrounding the statue of Willem 1.


The Noordeinde Palace is one of four official palaces of the Dutch royal family. It has been used as the “working palace” for Queen Beatrix since 1984.
I am not sure if the Queen buys her gelato from the ice cream truck parked to the left of the statue of William 1 (nicknamed William the Silent).


The Sand Sculpture on the Buitenhof is one of the many events organised as part of The Hague Festivals.
The sand sculptures are interpretations of five works by Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Vermeer.


The original Royal Dutch Petroleum Company headquarters. Now Royal Dutch Shell. The building dates from 1916 and is one of the oldest Shell offices in the Netherlands.

The modern extension to the Royal Dutch Shell headquarters.

The Shell headquarters are less than 1km / 0.6mi from where I lived. A good place to end this tour.

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  1. By: The Navigator Posted: June 24, 2020

    I love all the intricate detail on the buildings and the sand sculptures. Having spent one summer as a painter (not the artistic kind)… I can only imagine how much fun it is to repaint some of the ornate bits on those buildings!

    • By: Alchemyrider Posted: June 24, 2020

      I painted the inside of my home. Once was enough 😆

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