Winter Solstice in Tasmania

There goes the sun and here comes another frosty night.

I still haven’t managed to spot an “old and new” photo opportunity.  Sorry.  I have seen some possibilities but they didn’t work out picture-wise.  Perhaps I am too busy keeping warm!!

Still, there are a few days to go yet.


A bloke cycling in (mainly) Tasmania

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  1. By: Scooter Posted: June 21, 2019

    Hey, Tony. We’ve been talking about you recently. Rachael and I are roughing out plans to come your way next spring (our spring, your autumn). We’re thinking we’ll start in Hobart in late March and work our way north for several weeks, crossing over to Melbourne in mid-April or so. What sort of weather can we expect then? It seems like that should be a pretty great time to be there.

    • By: Tony Cullimore Posted: June 25, 2019

      Hi Scott. I am away for a week catching up with friends in the south. I will respond next week when I will be able to sit down and look at weather stats for your route.

    • By: Tony Cullimore Posted: June 29, 2019

      Hi Scott,

      March, April generally leaves the really hot weather behind although Sydney and some other parts of NSW can have a run of 40° days early in March.

      Tasmania in March. Early March can get into the low 30°Cs during the day, cooler at night but is mostly high 20s. Late March will be somewhere in the 20s during the day. Overnight starts to cool down (single digits) as the month goes on – heading to light frosts around Easter time. March can also be quiet wind-wise. Winds mostly blow from the west but easterlies do occur now and again. The west of Tasmania and the central highlands can have any sort of weather any time!! A few years back I walked the Overland Track in January and there had been snow the week before. The east coast remains very cycleable until June as long as you can put up with cold nights as the year goes on.

      Victoria is warmer than Tassie in early March but it too cools down from mid month. I cycled over there (Melbourne to Adelaide) mid-March to mid-April this year and generally the weather was good for cycling. The place had cooled from it’s regular pop up into the 40s by then and max temps were low 30s with one day at 35C but most days were in the 20s. It seemed there was always a noticeable westerly wind. As you get into April the daytime temps remain in the 20s but overnight it gets distinctly cool. Indeed I rode with lots of clothing on for a couple of days after shivering through 5C nights as I crossed a higher inland area. The higher you are, the cooler it is!!

      Rain. Who knows!! Both Tasmania and Victoria have been part of the drought for the past couple of years. Victoria in particular is very dry – so neither areas have seen a normal amount of rain for a few years. Will that continue into next year !? Melbourne is firing up it’s desalination plant to help out so it may well rain (Sod’s Law). We have been told this winter will be dryer than normal in Tassie so, although things are green out there, the soils aren’t yet soaked.

      Let us know your Hobart arrival date when it’s set.

  2. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: June 21, 2019

    Nice Photo! Thanks for contributing. The sun and shadows make an interesting picture.
    Here is a thought: That’s an ‘old’ sun but a ‘new’ Winter Solstice — that works doesn’t it?? 🙂
    Weather has been rainy and cloudy here all day, but seems to be clearing off (spokes crossed).

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