You can’t photograph perfect weather either

I think we’ve figured out that you can’t really photograph cold or heat. Well, it turns out you can’t photograph perfect weather either. If you could… here it is.

After 5.5 weeks of insane heat and then a week of high heat and high humidity we had two perfect days over the weekend (which I will write up soon). We then had a nearly perfect day today.

If you were riding northeast it would have been perfect, if you were riding southwest…not so much. There was a pretty moderate wind following the strong cold front that came through. The front dropped the temp to 8C overnight. It was only 18C when I wandered around outside at lunch, and then only 23C when I went for this ride after work. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. We had days last month where the overnight low never made it below 29C. So this was awesome!

It won’t last long though – high of 34C on Sat and 36C on Sun forecast for this weekend. But this was pretty darn perfect weather today for 20kms after work. Best of all, it gives hope that we are at least halfway through the heat of summer.

Nerdy chick in Australia who loves to ride and is accompanied by the crew: 'The Commander' Verne and the 'Mental Health Specialist' Kermit.

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  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: February 13, 2019

    I tried to elucidate whether weather is weather with the scholarly treatise in Tony’s “Will This Pass Muster.”
    So, obviously, photographing perfect weather is clearly attainable, as is, photographing crappy (technical meteorological term) weather. It appears Seattle, Santa Rosa and Seaside are having the latter.
    I will concede, photographing extreme hot or cold is more difficult — but giant icicles and strangling weeds do show the ‘effect’ of such weather. (Using a thermometer would be too obvious — sorry Mssrs. Fahrenheit and Celsius .)
    You did accomplish what was thought to be impossible with your beautiful photo! 🙂

    • By: The Navigator Posted: February 14, 2019

      It was really nice again today, too. A bit warmer but a bit less windy. I got away from work late so only managed to ride 15kms before needing to get home. We’ll be back to above ave temps tomorrow and into next week, but not heaps above average so that is good! 115 was just too much!

  2. By: Bill Stone Posted: February 13, 2019

    It’s true that pleasant weather might not be as photogenic and exciting as extreme weather, but your photo is fine, and right now I would gladly take that weather instead of our wind, downpours, and local flooding.

    • By: The Navigator Posted: February 14, 2019

      Your climate is similar to ours with the wet and dry (flood and fire) cycles, so I’m sure you are like us in that you never want to say NO to precipitation, though it is always a bit disappointing when it starts doing damage. Even though we had one flooding event in December that even closed the SYD-MEL freeway for 36 hours, it was still the driest Dec on record as we got no rain the rest of the month!

  3. By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: February 14, 2019

    I love the Murray River and I love the Beach too, maybe I should move the family to Goolwa. Coolness is on its way.

    • By: The Navigator Posted: February 15, 2019

      I’m not a big fan of placid rivers like the Murray, nor am I a fan of the beach. I am a mountain girl through and through… but there aren’t many year-round jobs up there and even fewer that don’t involve hospitality and tourism! Goolwa seems as though it might be a bit toasty in summer?

  4. By: Suzanne Posted: February 14, 2019

    Nice shot for your perfect weather – but I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your new bike when you bring it home!

    • By: The Navigator Posted: February 15, 2019

      We had really good weather the next day, too, but it’s back to hot again. Yes, I’m looking forward to bringing the new bike home too. They say you appreciate things more when you don’t have instant gratification… but six months to wait is a very long time!

  5. By: Scooter Posted: February 14, 2019

    Nice weather, alright – and good for you! Mostly thoug I like that nice shot of your Lone Peak pannier. I think I have the mate to it in my closet.

    • By: The Navigator Posted: February 15, 2019

      Yes, I’ve noticed your matching Lone Peaks in your photos before. They’ve held up better than I thought they would – if they were waterproof I’d probably buy them again once they wear out.

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