Let there be biking!

This is a cycling blog – it says so right up there in the corner – so let there be biking!

With that in mind, I slipped out this afternoon for a big 15 mile ride.  This is the first time I’ve been on my bike since we returned from Hawaii a week ago, because I’ve been waiting out a cold.  I’m still pretty congested, but tired of waiting.

i had a bigger plan for this ride when I started, thinking I’d take the 45 mile loop to Sauvie Island.  Plans fell apart almost immediately though, when I was crossing the bridge and stopped to admire the Atlantic Brave, the grain freighter currently in town.

Rodriguez on the Steel Bridge

For some reason this ship caught my attention more than most, and I wondered if it might photograph better from the Steel Bridge.  So I biked over that way, and crossed back over the river on the top deck so I’d be on the same side as the ship.  I don’t bike over the upper deck very often because it’s not so bike friendly, but it does give you a nice perspective on the river.

Looking ahead as I coasted down the west side of the bridge, I saw a new mural in Portland’s small Chinatown District.  I couldn’t pass that up, so I biked on over.  It looks like it just went up in the last half year.  While I was there, I took a good look across the street at the House of Louie, one of the old Chinese restaurants here.  Something old, something new.

Rodriguez at the House of Louie

After this, I was pretty well hooked into this as a photo ride, rather than a ride ride.  I decided to just keep following my nose for awhile and see what turned up.  Next up, a pass through Old Town and Ankeny Square, heading back to the riverside.

At the river, I looked across on the east bank, intrigued by another new mural and an interesting sign I couldn’t quite make out.  So, back over the east side again, this time over the Burnside Bridge.

the mural isn’t what I’d thought – it is really the floral facade of a new Fair Haired Dumbbell, an eclectic pair of new office buildings that just opened up.  You really can’t keep up with the pace of change in Portland.  There’s something new every time you step out the door.

The Fair Haired Dumbbell

And, right across the street, at the foot of the bridge, is the sign I wondered about.  This one must be fairly new also.  I have no idea what the point is here, but it’s interesting.

And right next door is this very confusing situation.  Which way do we go from here?

By now, I was starting to get a bit chilly and my congestion was more pronounced.  Time to head back home and sit by the fireplace, but with still time enough to pull up if anything else interesting shows up.  As it did.

This is just a placeholder for now. I’ll add a real description when I get more time.

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