Actually, those aren’t cholla – they’re some variety of prickly pear – but I like cholla because it starts with ch-, one of the magic digraphs for the month.  Also I like it because it allows me to raise an important point, with apologies if it’s already been raised before but I haven’t been reading attentively enough.  Does it matter how the digraph is pronounced, and that the ch- in cholla just sounds like an h- as in holly?

Not that it really matters in this case, because we have an actual chimney too – one I saw on my first ride of the year.  Oh, and chappy cholidays, by the way.

This is just a placeholder for now. I’ll add a real description when I get more time.

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  1. By: gregblood Posted: January 6, 2022

    Rest assured, it does not matter how the diagraph is pronounced. Cheese, christmas, cholla–they’re all acceptable. Good job thinking outside the box for that one. Interesting chimney too.

  2. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: January 6, 2022

    Nice chimney and best of all its looks nice and WARM there!

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