A B-ikeless C-old D-ay E-nhanced

Not a day for me to get on my bike. The temperature continues to hover around 0C, cold is not the main problem. It’s the pretty snow flurries that make the bike paths and small roads a bit of a hazard for an old lady like me. So again I did my errands on foot and took my camera.

I guess ‘enhanced’ means that taking pictures made it more interesting than it would have been otherwise, at least for me. And it was the only ‘e’ word that I came up with.

A-nother a-steroid a-glow
This is Nepomuk, patron saint of bridges: B-ridge b-lessing b-eliever
C-ute C-hristmas c-aps
C-olorful c-itrus c-omposition
C-oca-cola C-hristmas tree c-ontainer
D-eserted d-istanced d-ining
E-mitting e-xcess e-xhaust
In the mailbox: E-pistle e-levates e-motions

Oh, and I think the header picture could be entitled d-uplicated d-ouble d-ormers.

I'm a US born ex-pat, having lived most of my adult life in Munich, Germany. Cycling and photography are my favorite things.

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