A Few Halloween Decorations From MY Town

If homegrown is the same as homemade, the featured photo qualifies for two of this month’s challenges. The Feeshko, Diggity and I walk by this house almost every day, since it’s in the next block from ours. On the side of the house, the owners have a tiny pumpkin patch. When I say “tiny,” I’m talking three or four pumpkins. The other ones were all medium-sized, but that one shown above was much larger, much orange-er, and much shinier. We’ve been watching it grow from a cantaloupe-sized pumpkin into a boulder-sized pumpkin over the course of the last month. We’ve never met the owners of the house, but we sure have developed a sense of kinship with their pumpkin.

Today, we noticed they had moved the pumpkin from the garden to their porch. Best of all, they put it on a haybale pedestal.

Maybe 250 pounds? Definitely beautiful!

Sure, it was a great pumpkin, but I had to ride on to find some scarier Halloween decorations. Here they come:

This one is very frightening–mostly because it seems to combine the scariness of a pirate and a skeleton, plus the long arms of a gorilla

There’s a lotta scary stuff going on here.

It doesn’t get much scarier than a horse drawn hearse carrying a skeleton and driven by another skeletonespecially when the horse is viciously attacking your bike.

I took this scary picture on the fly because I was afraid to stop while the homeowner was mowing the lawn. I really liked what looks like HOMEMADE decorations on the bushes.

WalMart’s Halloween display. The thought of all those pumpkins turning into jack-o-lanterns by the end of the month scared the living heck out of me.

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5 response to "A Few Halloween Decorations From MY Town"

    • By: gregblood Posted: October 22, 2022

      I bet all the other pumpkin competitors took one look at that thing and forfeited.

      • By: Rich-Illinois Posted: October 22, 2022

        A farm broadcast on radio here said a single seed for those giants may cost up to $1,000 — and there is no guarantee it will grow.

  1. By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: October 23, 2022

    Can you eat those pumpkins I wonder

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