A Few More Fasteners

Stop sign in the glaring sun — how do they attach it to reduce the possibility of someone removing it?


With a fastener normal tools are unable to grasp


Many fasteners attaching the guard rail
Lots of fasteners hold the irrigation system together


Lots of fasteners on this signal control station — all of which are either rivets or round bolt heads to make unauthorized entry difficult
Fasteners on a RR crossing gate


There are more than 200 billion fasteners which are consumed every year in the U.S. market. More than 10% of the fasteners produced in the United States are used within the automotive industry. (Industry Today)

How many bolts hold the trucks of a rail car together?

Highlight for an unexpected answer:  —>  A box car rides on two trucks (called “bogies” on overseas railways). Each is a 9,000-pound assembly of individual components (including, but not limited to, axles, wheels, and truck side frames) held together only by gravity and the interlocking surfaces on the principal parts.


Several fasteners on the crossing gate base
More fasteners on the crossing gate

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