This is just an overview for now, to get things started.  When we get around to it, we’ll take more time coming up with a description of purpose, scope, policies, how to use information, and so on.

For now though, here’s the general idea:

  • This is a site dedicated to bicycling, with an emphasis on day rides, short tours, or as a part of daily life.
  • You can self-register, using the My Account functionality on the right side.  Once you register, you’ll be assigned a temporary password and should receive an email with reset instructions.  The adminstrators (Scott and Rachael, for now at least) will also receive a notification that someone new has registered.
  • You can update your personal profile by clicking on the upper right corner.
  • There’s a links menu item for about what you’d imagine.  If you have ideas about other links you’d like added, let the administrators know.
  • The Authors page lists every user on the site.  You can select an author to see their profile and a list of their posts.
  • The basic publication unit is a Post.  When you register, you’ll by default be classified as an author, and can post new entries or update your own entries.
  • Posts can be attributed to a category.  For now, the only categories we have set up are Rides (with world regions as subcategories), and Articles.  These categories are listed on the right, and by clicking on one the page will be refreshed displaying only posts for that category.
  • You can also attribute posts with tags.  These tags (or at least the most frequently used ones) will show up on the tag map on the right.
  • The header displays a random selection of photos from the header library.  If you have one you’d like to see there, send it on in!  I don’t know what the limit is on how many photos to include, but we’ll find out – if we max out, we can vote to see who to throw off the island.

Most of this is pretty standard WordPress stuff, so you probably already know more about how to use these apps than we did when we got started on this.

Thanks for joining us!  If you have ideas, suggestions, comments or concerns, please let us know.


Scott & Rachael