We stopped for our lunch break at a table we found hidden behind the trees. It was at a Dairy Farm that had Cheese and Cheese curds advertised on their banners that were blowing in the wind. Being the leader of our group of seven, I thought to take a chance of getting some cheese curds so pulled in to the lot. Closed on weekends!!! ;’-(. We were disappointed but recovered well when we noticed the table and (very clean) porta potty. There is no other lunch place along this route so we enjoyed our respite and lunch here.

And what should I find but a Roller! I was not sure if it had been a “toy” for some young child, or a tool for gardening. Pretty cool though.

We continue to have that delicious weather, and I continue to make every effort to get out for a ride if only very brief as I know what weather is coming!

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  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: September 26, 2022

    That is a great find!

    Looks like a pedal tractor..
    Some collector might be looking for that.

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