After reading Laura’s post I delved into Arches vs. Arcs:

An arc is a curved shape or the curving path of a moving object. In mathematics, an arc is part of a circle’s circumference. An arch is a curved structure that spans an opening and usually supports a bridge or roof. …

With this definition in mind, I am hopeful that some (many?) of my/our finds for Scott’s Arches challenge will not be DQed.

All this in mind, I think my post today is of ARCs not Arches.

Arcs line this walkway down to the new foot bridge.

Here is the new Footbridge that just opened last week after about a year for construction.

Plants and gardens often use arcs.

Arc shaped arms hold things sometimes. Lamps and things…


…and baseball catchers and batters ;’-).

This creates a nice visual, but I don’t think it actually supports anything except for preventing people from falling off the bridge. So I guess this too is an Arc? Or does this “span an opening”?

An Arc playground thing.

OK, I will end this post with a natural Arc,

I know I will have more Arhes and Arcs, and will probably have them mixed in together. If I am not DQed due to moving off the Arches challenge ;’-(.

10 response to "ARCHING TO THEIR OWN DRUM"

    • By: NancyG Posted: September 5, 2020

      Good. Then onward we go.

    • By: Bill Stone Posted: September 5, 2020

      Extra points for archangels, archers, architects, archetypes, archeologists, and archipelagoes! 😉

      • By: NancyG Posted: September 6, 2020

        hmmmmm — leave it to you. ;’-)

  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: September 5, 2020

    Nice photos arcs or arches — actually the key word may be “usually” — arches ‘usually’ support a bridge or roof — usually doesn’t necessarily means always?
    Anyway, they lost me the first day of Geometry when they were explaining points and lines!

    • By: NancyG Posted: September 6, 2020

      Perhaps that is my problem — geometry ;’-). Having fun with all the arches and arcs.

  2. By: Laura Posted: September 6, 2020

    Great finds! You found just about everything except an archbishop. If nothing else, these challenges make me look around a lot more. I’m still working on a place to go next that I’ll spot some. We seem to be more right-angled people around here, but I will hunt. Love your pictures.

    • By: NancyG Posted: September 6, 2020

      And around here we seem to have a plethora of arch entry ways! I could inundate you all with those, but after a while they become redundant, even though many are rather attractive. I have found a few more arches that are a little different and will post those after finding a few more.
      One of the things I like so much about the challenge is as you say — they make me look around more and be more aware of what I am seeing when I ride. Makes even the repeated routes more enjoyable.

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