Biking On a Gray Day Along the Chesapeake Bay

The mouth of the Severn River at Annapolis MD looking out to the Chesapeake Bay.

The Baltimore and Annapolis Trail is a 14 mile urban gem of a rail trail that is now part of the East Coast Greenway. It has many crossings and can be crowded, but the southern half is less interrupted and has fewer stroller pushers/dog walkers and connects to a nicely shouldered road that takes you right into downtown Annapolis.

The picture above is from that road on the bridge over the Severn River just north of the US Naval Academy. For many years I’ve done a +/- 30 mile loop that includes the trail, going over the Severn River bridge, turning around and going over again and then looping up to Sandy Point State Park on the Bay before heading back east to the Trail.

On this day, all of the riding until I got to that bridge was under dark grey skies and it looked like it would rain any second – until the top of the bridge where I could see the sun hitting the Bay to the East. It was pretty breezy, too – the sailboats were having fun.

That picture just kind of struck me as a good metaphor for challenging times: Just keep pedaling, struggle up that hill – and often you are rewarded with the sun breaking through the clouds above dappled waves.

Although, I just realized the route trace looks kinda like a slug with a trail of slime behind it…

5 response to "Biking On a Gray Day Along the Chesapeake Bay"

  1. By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: October 2, 2020

    A slug…I see it.

    Often grey days have a little sunshine, like life in general.

    • By: jpescatore Posted: October 3, 2020

      Grey days – the only way to reach the sunny spot is to keep pedaling.

  2. By: gregblood Posted: October 2, 2020

    It’s either a slug or a seal balancing a TV antenna on its nose.

    • By: jpescatore Posted: October 3, 2020

      My wife saw a seal, too. If I eliminated the scenic side detour that ends at the word “Saint” I think it would look like a seal playing the clarinet. If there is ever a “Musical Sea Creature” challenge I am all set. If not, I will submit for the next “Slime Soaked Segment” challenge.

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