Caboose Rescue…..

Glad the Little Red Caboose is staying in Monterey.

Along the rec trail in Monterey near Cannery Row there is a cute little Red Caboose. It’s been sitting on the last thirty feet of train track left in Monterey. The trains were a vital part of the canning industry and the history of the Monterey Peninsula. This particular caboose serves as a little museum.

The older couple that own and operate it (I’ve never seen it open) have had health issues in the last few years and put it up for sale. Well in the paper this morning there was an article that it was purchased by a local and it will be staying right where it is. That’s good news as I would have missed it. Now I’m looking forward to it being open so I can go inside.


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  1. By: Scooter Posted: April 27, 2018

    I think I remember this guy, Janet. It’s been about fifteen years since we were down there though. Glad it will still be there the next time we come through.

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