Chimney With A Story

That few know of or possibly remember — well, they would remember if the topic ever comes up.  But, it seldom does, the whole event was gag ordered — even National TV wanted to cover it, but was refused.

That is the chimney, back there, at the High School

Minnesota boy falls approximately 50 feet down school chimney – Bring Me The News

That story is from Minnesota, but it is almost exact in relating what happened

Only differences are he didn’t fall all the way to the bottom and his buddies went to a nearby teachers home to acquire a rope to pull him out — but teacher (not me btw) suggested professional assistence would be required

And he didn’t get out thru a maintenance hatch, he was pulled up and out by the Fire Dept.

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  1. By: The Navigator Posted: January 4, 2022

    That’s a good chimney with a good story!

    The elementary school I went to was built in 1912. I don’t remember where the furnace was but all of the coat closets had really long vertical shafts that connected to the other rooms in ducting above the classrooms. When the teacher was gone some of the kids would climb up there… amazing no one was ever injured or worse. I always acted as the look out. Sadly, that school is long gone. There is a Walgreens there now and an Office Depot on the old ball field.

  2. By: gregblood Posted: January 4, 2022

    Leave it to a Minnesocialist or an Illiknucklehead to get stuck in a chimney. I wouldn’t have called a teacher or the fire department for help though. I’d want a chimney expert for the job–like Santa Clause or Dick VanDyke.

  3. By: NancyG Posted: January 4, 2022

    What a story Rick!! Good one I say.

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