Chimneys and Whatnot

Again warm weather, 14C/57F! No sun today but it didn’t matter, no cold toes or fingers either. And lots of chimneys. We rode a familiar loop but the cHimney challenge made it interesting. I hope I don’t use up all the chimneys and H-words in the area in the first week of the challenge, or maybe in the first two days? Here is my haul for the day.

The distillery (brennerei) in Pentenried is being torn down or renewed, I don’t know which, but the chimney still stands.
A view of the distillery chimney from the other side.
Now here are some picturesque old chimneys on a villa from the early 20th Century. And a nice weathervane on the roof.
The chimney isn’t too interesting, but I like the weathervain on it. How about adding weathervains to the challenge?
Fancy new chimney
An old chimney with patina – even on old buildings I don’t often see an old looking chimney. I think in order to be functional and to meet safety standards, old chimneys are replaced. This one seems to be an exception. The house also looked like it could use some refurbishing.
Seven chimney in one fell swoop – and there is even an eighth in the background.
Here we have some wheelbarrows in front of the shed.
Wheels on the water tank, chairs off to the left
If you look closely you can see his whiskers.
White chickens – They are free range chickens, but it seems they like to be crowded together. They had plenty of room to spread out if they chose to do so.
My chum

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5 response to "Chimneys and Whatnot"

  1. By: Rich-Illinois Posted: January 2, 2022

    That is a clean SWEEP of Chimneys!! The deteriorated one is especially cool.

    Can’t speak for Germany, but here, when coal burning furnaces were replaced by ones burning natural gas, chimneys began to deteriorate over the years. Natural gas emits far more water vapor than coal, which over time which leads to the failure of the mortar between the bricks.

  2. By: Lednar De Nalloh Posted: January 3, 2022

    Free Range chickens are a bit of a myth. I ride past some chicken farms here and they all crowd into the building when there’s lots of room outside. I suppose their instincts are to seek shelter from birds of prey from high up. Gee you’ve got seven chimneys in one photo and I boasted about five in mine. Oooops.

  3. By: gregblood Posted: January 3, 2022

    I’m fascinated by those older chimneys you’ve been showing. They’re almost as ornate as church belltowers.

  4. By: The Navigator Posted: January 4, 2022

    I love that chimney on the villa and all the iron work! I rode by a free range chicken farm almost daily at the last place I lived. They all seemed to hang out outdoors during the day doing what you would think a free range chicken would do. But maybe it’s because they had a whole bunch of different paddocks for them and not all that many in one paddock – maybe 30 or so? They had lots of shade tarps, too, so maybe they didn’t feel like they needed to be inside to get shade. Some of the roosting sheds were old caravans – quite creative. It was this place:

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