CLC 18: Take two: a real ride.


France has had a very wet winter. Wetter than usual. Wetter than needed. Water of almost biblical proportions. All the local rivers are in flood stage. Even the little Meuzin that runs through Nuits St. Georges and that is usually dry in the summer is flooding fields and a few basements. So you might guess that finding a dry day ti go in more than a quick jaunt to the store might be difficult. But today, the sun was shining, the birds were… you know the rest. It was perfect for getting out and stretching the legs. Naturally, I started out by going up into the vines rather than out on the soggy plain.  Water is running across the road even here due to long-dried-up springs coming back to life. The wet weather has made the annual pruning difficult for the growers and they are taking full advantage of the break in the weather to cut off last year’s canes and burn them. Smoke is not good for riding in, though, so I turned out of it as soon as I could. In “downtown” Nuits St. Georges, I stopped in at the Cafe du Centre for lunch. Fish filet (dorade, I don’t know the English name) rice and dessert.  nice local white to go withit. Its good to be home!


Leaving Nuits, I rode to Corgoloin and turned left across the railroad tracks and the autoroute to get to Moux and this splendid small chateau, newly restored.

I had lain my bike down to get this picture, which prompted one of the local residents to ask if I was all right. He wondered if I had hit the soft mud on the shoulder and gone down, but of course I hadn’t. Nice of someone to ask, though.

Ah, Burgundy! Apart from plowed fields the ground is green this time of year, and indeed all winter. So different from Michigan where I was two weeks ago. Of course, we rarely get snow, or freezing weather like Michigan or most of the mid-western US for that matter.

Turning for home I spotted this:

Those aren’t clouds on the horizon but Mont Blanc in the Alps. I’m told that the mountain appearing this way is a mirage and it can only be seen under certain meteorological conditions. Almost always it pressages rain the following day, and this proved to be no exception. Its been a couple of days since I took this ride, and it is still raining. As if we really need more. I think I’ll spend some time in the shop studying boat plans……

EDIT: It would appear (pun intentional) that it’s not a mirage at all. Mont Blanc is just at the limit of visibility from where I live. See comments below….

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  1. By: Seasidejanet Posted: March 18, 2018

    We sometimes have what they call “reverse optical mirage” here in Monterey. When it happens if we are looking across the Bay towards Santa Cruz we see all the hills and mountains as if they are coming up as cliffs off the water. It’s really interesting to see and we were lucky enough to be standing by a scientist once that explained it to us…..either that or just some BS and we believed it.

    • By: Bikerdockeith Posted: March 19, 2018

      Hi Janet,
      I’ve actually seen your reverse optical mirage. I had the great good fortune to visit the Monterrey area every other year for a conference at Asilomar while I was still gainfully employed. BUT, I have now done the math and theoretically Mont Blanc should be just visible from the Côte d’Or. So I will have to change my post from mirage to optical illusion, like the moon’s apparent size when it is on the horizon. And i was so happy that I could see a real mirage. Too bad the only mirage was in my head.

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