CLC 2018 #3: I get belted

It’s Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day and it’s 35F degrees at about 3:00pm. Time for a bike ride.


I’m off. Spring has not arrived in Salem.


Today I will take a 10-mile ride to get to a place about 2 blocks from home. I hope the place is open. The grocery store is closed today (Easter); it’s usually open from 9 to 5 on Sundays. Both Main Street bars are closed; at least one of these is open  on Sunday after noon. The coffee shop (The Homestead) is closed; they are never open on Sunday. I don’t think any of the stores on Main Street are open on any Sunday.

We had some snow earlier in the week, but it didn’t stay around for long. Sunny skies and temps in the 40s(F) took care of the snow quickly.


My belt broke on Saturday. It was a cheap belt and I was surprised it last as long as it did. So, I need a replacement before going to work Monday morning. Yeah, I could drive to Wal-Mart in Sioux Falls or in Mitchell, but it’s the CLC season. I want to see if I can find a replacement in a small town in South Dakota on an Easter Sunday. So, after a 10-mile ride outside of town, I find myself here:

and it is open. These Dollar General stores have been popping up in many small towns in South Dakota the past few years. They are kind of a very small scale WalMart. I usually avoid these places, but today I will make an exception. This Dollar General is about 2 blocks west of where I live. It opened a year or two ago,


Here’s the view to the north, from the spot I took the picture above:

US81 looking north from across the street from the Dollar General.


And, my contribution to the local economy:

A cheap belt. I’m now ready for work on Monday.



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  1. By: Kathleen Jones Posted: April 2, 2018

    Gregg dear,

    Money well spent. Very nice-looking belt.

    Dollar stores have been spreading like wildfire throughout the country. That says a lot about the state of the things for those of us who aren’t millionaires. And they’re showing up in Silicon Valley too. Or Dollar Tree, anyway, just down the road a ways from me.

    -Yr Goddess

    PS: I suppose your office will be glad you did this ride so your pants stay up?

    • By: GDinSD Posted: April 3, 2018

      Monday update Yr Goddess: Belt installed and secured. No mooning—on purpose or accidentally—of coworkers occurred.

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