CLC 2018 #6: Canistota

I got lazy about posting my 2018 Cycle Life Challenge rides from last week. I did get the rides in before April 30; I just didn’t get them posted here until now. My eternal glory is in question. I’ll will accept whatever decision The Goddess makes.

Monday April 23, 2018:  It’s a lovely day here in eastern South Dakota. Temp is in the low 60s(F) and almost no wind. I going to ride to Canistota, a little town (smaller than Salem) south and east of here. It’ll be about 13 miles to Canistota and 13 miles back.

Heading out for a bike ride again
A couple snow storms in the previous week brought lots of wet snow which melted quickly in the spring sunshine and above freezing temps.
Not a very good picture of a Yeti along the county road to Canistota. He or she is there if you look closely. He or she was sporting a white bikini last year.
Canistota water tower from the north side of the grocery store/gas station/convenience store on Main Street in Canistota.
My purchase: a package of locally-made beef sticks and some Dimock Prairie Heat cheese. Dimock is a small town 40-45 miles west of Canistota.
A tree and a plastic bag near Exit 368 on Interstate 90.

It felt good to be on the bike today: no wind and warmer temps (finally).

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    • By: GDinSD Posted: May 4, 2018

      Scooter, I think you are correct in questioning my yeti sighting. All the recent snow probably had me thinking snowmen, folklore snowmen. Canistota is probably closer to the range of Sasquatch or Big Foot. I see, after consulting the BFRO Geographical Database, that there have been 17 big foot sightings in South Dakota, the most recent being in 2008. No sightings listed for McCook County, though. I don’t think I will report this sighting. GDinSD.

  1. By: The Navigator Posted: May 6, 2018

    A yeti in a bikini – now that would be something to see! The prairie heat cheese looks good, too. Glad it’s finally warming up for you and giving you good conditions to ride.

    • By: GDinSD Posted: May 7, 2018

      Riding conditions in the Salem area are much improved in the past week or so. I even rode in shorts—baring my shockingly white legs—this past weekend.

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