CLC 2018 – Going Around in a Circle 12

More Circling … from Sauerlach to Grafing
Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Here comes the third segment of the circle. We set out on the warmest and springy-est day so far and are dressed in layers that we hope we can peel as the day warms up. Again I have planned a route to follow and uploaded it to my Garmin.

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I'm a US born ex-pat, having lived most of my adult life in Munich, Germany. Cycling and photography are my favorite things.

9 response to "CLC 2018 – Going Around in a Circle 12"

  1. By: Scooter Posted: April 4, 2018

    I wasn’t that impressed by the front half of the ride, until seeing the pizza. The afternoon looked beautiful though; especially the shots of Kreutz.

    2 weeks in Italy without bikes? What fun will that be?

    • By: Suzanne Posted: April 13, 2018

      You said it – no fun without bikes!

  2. By: Bill Stone Posted: April 4, 2018

    Hi Suzanne,

    Nice ride and nice photos. I hope you kept a close eye on Janos on the way home. Never let the guy carrying the pizza out of your sight!

    • By: Suzanne Posted: April 13, 2018

      The guy with the pizza always likes to ride behind me! Now that’s a problem!

  3. By: Kathleen Jones Posted: April 5, 2018

    Suzanne dear,

    Nicely done. We are jealous that you folks that ride conventional bikes can just get on and off public transit, unlike those of us with heavy and big recumbents.

    It’s sad about the lumber industry. We need what it provides. Maybe we also need to find a different and cost efficient way to harvest. We’re sure you have heard of Der geheime Leben der Bäume by Peter Wohlleben, which came out just a few years ago. We humans are starting to get smarter about how smart plants and animals really are.

    Enjoy your Italian trip,
    -Yr Goddess

    • By: Suzanne Posted: April 13, 2018

      I read the book by Peter Wohlleben, too. Interesting!
      Public transportation and bikes is great – but it can also be stress. Often there are just too many other people around and it can be a lot of pushing and shoving getting on and off.

  4. By: The Navigator Posted: April 8, 2018

    What a terrific ride! It must feel very good to fill in a segment. More mud! I would rather push through sand since it doesn’t clog up your brakes and is easier to clean off later! You are an inspiration! Em

    • By: Suzanne Posted: April 13, 2018

      Thanks, Em! I’m afraid I might have exaggerated a bit. It wasn’t that much mud – but enough for me.

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