CLC 2018 – Going Around in a Circle 6

Spring Equinox … and a mundane ride
Tuesday March 20, 2018

Spring at last – sort of. It’s around 0°C and we had a couple of centimeters of new snow. I spent half the day wishing it were warmer and the rest of the time reading other people’s bicycle journals. It was one of those days.

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I'm a US born ex-pat, having lived most of my adult life in Munich, Germany. Cycling and photography are my favorite things.

4 response to "CLC 2018 – Going Around in a Circle 6"

  1. By: Kathleen Jones Posted: March 21, 2018

    What a nice ride, dearest. Good for you for getting out even when it is wintry. We approve.

    -Yr Goddess

    PS: Fabulous photos as ever.

  2. By: The Navigator Posted: March 22, 2018

    Hi Suzanne – beautiful pics. You can even make recycling look good 🙂 It is always nice to get out and about on the bike, even short rides to run errands. Hope you can get in a themed ride soon – if not, you seem to be making the most of all the conditions anyway! Happy spring 🙂

  3. By: Alchemyrider Posted: March 22, 2018

    Funnily enough, I miss living where there are municipal recycling bins. The Dutch have them everywhere. Usually underground, with just a chute sticking up above ground.

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