CLC 2018 Ride #5: Monkeying Around

I was sloth like this morning and chose to stay in bed rather than go for a ride.  Probably a good choice because it got very hot very early in the day.  But I had cabin fever by the evening, so I went out for a short ride.

Being a Saturday, I was able to head east on roads which are jammed solid on weekdays but quiet on weekends.


There is a slight climb to get up to the golf course.  I would imagine it is easier on a bike than it would be walking with a golf bag in tow.


The golf course is surrounded by jungle to the east and north.  Some of the wildlife has no qualms about sauntering down from the trees to take a closer look at the humans.

It may have been 6.30pm when I was heading home, but most any time is coffee time.  I have ridden past The Daily Grind many times, but have never stopped there.  I did stop this time.  To find that while The Daily Grind does have coffee, as its name suggests, it is actually a gourmet burger place, as its name suggests!

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  1. By: Seasidejanet Posted: March 17, 2018

    I wonder how I would react to seeing monkeys beside me?! How cool is that! I once had a moose, in Montana, come out of nowhere on my left side run along beside me a minute then cut right in front of me and go off into a ditch on the right. That got my heart racing!

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