CLC 2018 Ride #6 – one to go and 2 weeks left

I am managing one CLC ride a week and, with 2 weeks left in the Challenge, should be able to hit the magic number 7 in time.

This week’s ride was a tiny one so I will have to do better for #7.

For the details click HERE.

I have to say I am enjoying reading about all your CLC rides – we are going to such a diverse set of countries this year.  It makes you think ………

A bloke cycling in (mainly) Tasmania

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  1. By: The Navigator Posted: April 15, 2018

    Nice job getting Ride 6 in before the rain! We didn’t get rain here until 11am on Saturday – unfortunately we probably only got 5 or 6 mls all day. It would be a real shame to lose those Spinster’s houses – not just for the history and affordable accommodation, but the principle of having public good outweigh private dollars…. Sigh….

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