To complete the ‘Go West’ sequence, I rode to the end of the motorcycle lane alongside the KESAS Expressway.    It was the first time I had gone to the actual end of the lane.  The usual turn out point is at the exit to Bandar Botanic.  Just before Route 5.  There is a coffee shop near GM Klang Wholesale City where we often stop for a drink.

This time I continued through the tunnel under Route 5.  The KESAS Expressway ends just after that tunnel, turning into the Pulau Indah Highway.  At that point, the motorcycle lane comes to an end as well.

The Pulau Indah Highway has a divider running down it, so there is nowhere to make a U-turn.  As I was looking for somewhere to my left to exit the highway I saw this.

A giant inflated Snoopy certainly warranted a closer look.

I circled around and came to the sales office for the latest planned housing area to pop up near Port Klang.  There was a time when as you headed west from KL, there was a distinct separation before you came to Petaling Jaya (PJ), another green belt before Shah Alam, and another green belt before you got to Klang and Port Klang.  It is now one continuous conurbation.

This development is called Gravit8.  As I rode toward the giant Snoopy I passed the commercial area.  Shop and office lots ready for purchase or rental.

Further down the road are the houses, also just about ready for occupation.


Gravit8 is so new that it appears as a bare construction site on Google’s satellite map.

When I got to the giant Snoopy, it became clear that someone in the sales office is a Snoopy fan.  The tower block going up in the background is a part of the Gravit8 development.

There was an army of Snoopys, each one representing a different country.

This is Australian Snoopy.  He needs an Akubra on his head.

This is German Snoopy, resplendent in his lederhosen.

American Snoopy is a basketball player.

And Malaysian Snoopy plays badminton.  The only sport in which Malaysia has had fairly consistent success on the global stage over the years.

From Gravit8 I found my way to Route 5 and back onto the motorcycle lane at KESAS.  The sun was setting as I rode past Kota Kemuning and crossed the Selangor River.  The Selangor river, like most rivers in Malaysia, is heavily silt-laden, so the water is an unattractive milky tea colour.  The river looks much better under sympathetic lighting.

I stopped at the convenience store in a Shell station on the way home to make my contribution to the local economy for this ride.  I was thirsty.



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  1. By: Suzanne Posted: March 28, 2018

    German Snoopy in Lederhosen! That should make the Bavarians very happy to represent Germany!

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