CLC 2019, #4: Saint Johns and Cathedral Park

I really HATE IT when I’m in a race and don’t realize it until my competitor zips past with a well-timed taunt.  Typically this happens with Rachael, who likes to sneak up from behind and then whiz by gleefully proclaiming “Race, I win!”

So I’m understandably none too pleased when I read the comments on my last post and see that that dastardly identity thief G-2 has challenged me to a duel to see who can complete their seven CLC rides first, and chortles that I’m already behind.

Behind, but not hopelessly behind.  With this outing to Cathedral Park, I take up the challenge and draw even again. Pah, G-2!  Take that!

This is just a placeholder for now. I’ll add a real description when I get more time.

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  1. By: The Navigator Posted: March 17, 2019

    Nothing like a little competition to spur you on. You’ll be so tired out, you’ll be ready for a long plane trip to catch up on some rest!

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