CLC18-A: St Honore Boulangerie

I don’t have a clear theme in mind for this year’s challenge, so you can expect a fairly diverse, shapeless set of rides from Portland.  I might get out of town for one or more of them, but for the most part they’ll be inner city explorations because Rachael and I are staying close to home while our home sale runs its course and we prepare for our departure to Greece later next month.

For the last month we’ve been staying at Stacey’s, an Air B&B offering in SE Portland.  Tomorrow is our last night here, so the theme for today’s post is transition.  Before leaving for coffee I stop to take a photo of Rodriguez in front of Stacey’s barn for the last time.

A mile from home I pull up at St Honore, a boulangerie about a mile from Stacey’s.  I enjoy biking there, riding uphill in a light mist on Clinton Street, against the tide: Clinton is a major bikeway, and I pass a steady stream of bikers going the other direction on their way to work.

St Honore is an attractive spot to hang out for awhile; the decor is very French (although oddly enough the Pandora sound track this morning is country/western), the coffee and croissant are good, the WiFi only fair.  While I sit here, the morning mist evaporates and the sky opens up.  It’s going to be a beautiful morning for a ride.

That’s a curious family watching from the balcony across the street. Looks like they need a good meal.

It’s really pleasant when I finally step out the door again.  A perfect day for a longer ride, but that’s not the plan for the day unfortunately – I have a string of errands to run.  First up, I want to swing by Tiffany’s place, the next Air B&B we’ll be moving to in a few days.  I want to check out the house itself, and scope out the ew neighborhood.  It’s in a different neighborhood, near Mount Tabor.  The homes are well kept, attractive, and have a structural uniformity that makes it look like they all went up bout the same time.  I’ll have to read up on the history of the neighborhood.

Tiffany’s fits right in with the pattern, and looks like it should be an appealing place to pass the next two weeks.  And it looks like the welcoming mat is out, with fallen camellia blossoms leading the way to our side entrance.

And, it’s good to see that all the essentials will be close at hand:

From our new neighborhood, I swung by Lloyd Center to drop off some paperwork for our escrow officer (I don’t recall if I’ve mentioned that we have a buyer for our condo, so we’ve entered a new phase of the process), and then started working my way back toward Stacey’s.

Since it was close by, I decided to bike across the top of the Steel Bridge so I could look down on the row of Japanese cherry trees to see if they’ve started to bloom yet.  There’s just a trace of color in them if you see them from above, but seeing them up close it’s obvious that they’re about to explode.  The waterfront will look quite different by this time next week.

Next, one last errand.  I stop in at Aladdin Theater to pick up tickets for the upcoming Shawn Colvin concert.  It’s an interesting change, starting to keep an eye out for cultural events we’d like to see that come to town in the brief periods when we’ll be around too.

Finally, I cross the tracks and Powell Boulevard and return to Stacey’s.  Along the way, I enjoy seeing the curious Never Odd or Even ribbon mural again.  I think I’ve only come this way once before, and had forgotten about it.  I like it for its technical features – the mirrored characters, and the way the characters appear to submerge beneath the surface as the wall tapers.

Back at home, I feel lucky when I bike up and find Stacey’s cat Winter in the neighbor’s garden lapping up the dew.  I’ve enjoyed having a temporary pet, and was mad at myself this morning when it occurred to me that I hadn’t taken a photo to remember her by.  Very sweet cat.

This is just a placeholder for now. I’ll add a real description when I get more time.

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  1. By: Kathleen Jones Posted: March 10, 2018

    Nice ride, Scooter. I laughed when I saw the photo of the nearby “essentials” for your next Airbnb. You meant the bike rack, right?

    -Yr Goddess

  2. By: The Navigator Posted: March 10, 2018

    Hi Scott,
    Great to see you on the board in such a busy period. Even though Portland gets a lot of precip, your pics over the past few years certainly show there is so much colour in the buildings, artwork and vegetation. I look forward to the cherry blossom pics to come. Hope your transition to the next temp home is smooth.

    • By: Scooter Posted: March 11, 2018

      Thanks, Em. I’m feeling lucky – our weather turned just in time for the CLC season. Fair skies, warming up, no magpies! Life is good. Great to see you out on the road yourself!


  3. By: Suzanne Posted: March 10, 2018

    Great pics, Scott! Especially the boulangerie with bike one and the b&w one!

    • By: Scooter Posted: March 11, 2018

      Thanks, Suzanne. I wish I could figure out how you could allow comments on pictures using the WordPress framework; or for that matter, how you can edit captions so they stand out better.

      I was sorry to read on Bicycle Life about your health issues, Suzanne. I’ve never been that clear on how afib differs from SVT (my condition, which occasionally gets in the way), but I hope you can find effective treatment for it.

  4. By: Alchemyrider Posted: March 17, 2018

    The Aladdin Theater sounds like my kind of place. Food offerings at the top of the marquee!

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