CLC18 Ride 1: Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Saturday, March 10, 2018   6 miles

Good morning and Happy CLC18!

My first ride is my commute to work. I changed work sites about six months ago, and it’s a flat flat flat (except for a freeway overpass) five mile ride. I have to be at work early, and since October I’ve arrived at the office near or before sunrise. I’ve enjoyed how different they’ve been every day.

But I would not see a sunrise today because it was so overcast and foggy. Rain is in the forecast which we’re very happy about in our part of California.

So below is my typical route with a few extra stops thrown in at the end to show you more of my workplace. I go through typical Silicon Valley upscale suburban blight, over a major freeway, through some office building parking lots, and out to the bay. C’mon along.

a recumbent bicycle shows its front and back lights in a dim driveway
It’s light out but still dark enough to need lights.
a wide street with no traffic
Traffic was just horrendous this Saturday morning.
a path across a median for use by bicycles only
Long-time followers of Your Faithful Correspondent know we have a liking for Secret Passages
a street in a residential area with no cars
The horrendous traffic spills over to the residential streets.
a garden full of different flowers and many bright colors
A nice garden that really popped out in the early-morning gloom and overcast light.
a broken arm chair is sitting on the sidewalk next to a stop sign
Stop and set a spell
a very large blue toad sculpture sits in the front yard of a house
Um. This is new. I ride this way a lot and I’ve never seen it before.
a weed-choked concrete creek channel with some water flowing through it in a winding path
The Wild and Scenic (sic) Matadero Creek on its way to San Francisco Bay.
a chainlink-covered bike bridge over a freeway with a sign that says "walk bikes"
We go up and over the concrete river that is US 101, an eight-lane beauty at this point. And this is our annual photo of the “Walk Bikes” joke.
a pathway between two parking lots that a bike can ride on
Another secret passage, this time between office building parking lots.
a recumbent bicycle posed in front of the buildings for a water treatment plant
Old timers: Remember when I did rides at different places around San Francisco Bay and I kept running into smelly water treatment plants? Well, now I work near one! One wag told me it’s where the effluent meets the affluent.
a sign saying "duck pond" with the pond in the distance
Now we’re getting closer to the office. A duck pond is nearby. It was originally built to be a salt water bathing area for humans but it didn’t really work and it (used to be) rarely warm enough to be comfortable swimming out here near the bay. We also used to have a lot more ducks on it until we finally were able to pass an ordinance against feeding wildlife. It’s a much cleaner, calmer place now.
a building that looks almost like a ship sits near a marsh that used to be a yacht harbor
The old sea scout building, once sinking into the mud but purchased and restored by a local volunteer organization just a few years ago. Designed by a locally famous architect, Birge Clark, I recently learned it’s one of the few examples in California of Art Deco Moderne (are you impressed with my knowledge?). As you can see it sits right on the old yacht harbor.
a marsh with a channel of water through it
The yacht harbor. Dredging got to be a problem, not only because it was needed constantly due to the tide bringing in fresh mud twice a day, but because the Clean Water Act made it more difficult to get rid of the spoils – no more dumping it just anywhere in the bay any more.
a dead duck in the middle of an open area near the marsh
You never know what you’re going to be facing when you get to work. First task of the day will be taking care of this ex-bird.
a short picket fence in the foreground, with picnic tables and barbecues in the background.
Our picnic area, complete with abandoned google bike. I wouldn’t think you’d want to sit out here with the wind and sometimes fog, but actually it’s quite a nice little spot and well used.
a recumbent bicycle by the railing of a bridge. a body of water flows beneath the bridge. a building on stilts, the baylands nature center, sits on a levee across the way.
We have a nature center out here. The lagoon before it is part of the original creek channel of the major watershed in these parts. Now the creek is in a channel to the north about a half mile. Engineers!
a view of some open water in a marsh on the edge of San Francisco Bay, with some water birds wandering about
Ahhh. We’re pretty much at the bay right now. An open area of the marsh, more marsh, then open water.
a recumbent bicycle is posed agains the railing of a dock near the open water of San Francisco Bay
Now we’re really at San Francisco Bay. You can put in here with your windsurfing board, or kayak, or canoe. It’s a bit on the windless side, so maybe no windsurfing right now.
a dead rabbit is in the distance down the middle of a road
Uh-oh again. An ex-jackrabbit. I haven’t had to clean up this much wildlife in a long time.
the baylands ranger station, which is a small buliding with tile roof and a small porch with a short picket fence, native plants and trees surrounding it around
The old harbor master’s home is our ranger station. It houses three desks, a small conference table, a locker room/kitchen, and bathroom.
a messy desk with keyboard, monitor, papers, bottles, paperwork, and a used bowl that had scrambled eggs in it
Proof of purchase: lower right I had a bowl of scrambled eggs I brought in from home.
an aerial view of the area through which I rode my bike, showing housing, office buildings, marshland and SF Bay
CLC18 Ride 1 route: off to work we go

tricycle tricycle tricycle I want to ride my tricycle tricycle tricycle I want to ride my tricycle I want to ride my trike I want to ride my tricycle I want to ride it where I like (And I like to ride my bicycle too)

4 response to "CLC18 Ride 1: Hi Ho, Hi Ho"

  1. By: Bill Stone Posted: March 12, 2018

    Hello, Your Goddessness!

    Thanks for the fun ride and photos. All the better because, based on some of your earlier rides, I was on two wheels down there by your duck pond just about a year ago. I remember seeing some of the landmarks you photographed. Take good care of the place!

    • By: Kathleen Jones Posted: March 13, 2018

      Hi Bill,

      Glad you enjoyed it. It’s a nice place to work. I love the rhythm of the tides; you may not know if it’s coming or going, but you’re still affected by it. And I remember your trip down here. We may have to arrange another CLC joint ride.


  2. By: Suzanne Posted: March 13, 2018

    Riding at dawn is beautiful – but you (if you were me) probably would never (seldom?) do it if you didn’t have to.
    I really like the old sea scout building!

    • By: Kathleen Jones Posted: March 13, 2018

      Hi Suzanne,

      Riding at dawn is nice, it’s just the getting up, isn’t it? And yes that sea scout building is a gem, and they did a nice job of renovating it. There’s a window on the floor so you can see the mud, and the water at high tide.


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