CLC18 Ride 4: Course Change

Sunday, April 1, 2018    8 miles

Today was going to be a family day. A brother and his family were visiting from out of town, so those of us living out here on the Best Coast –  three other siblings, mother, a cousin – were gathering for a late brunch.

That meant I had the morning to take a ride. I’m finally recovered enough from a cold (thanks for sharing, Suzanne!) to do a somewhat longer ride. I have a general idea of doing a regular loop I hadn’t done in a while to see if there are new ways of showing you old stuff.

When I stopped at a light before crossing a road that leads to downtown, however, I noticed other cyclists with panniers and several pedestrians with backpacks and bags. What’s going on? Oh yeah – the weekly farmer’s market is today. One person was returning with some beautiful flowers. Ding! Lightbulb goes off over head. Flowers would be a lovely thing to take to brunch. And since I’m taking a few extra days off this weekend perhaps some real food could be cooked.

So, course change. I weave my way through people, parked cars, leashed pets, strollers, wagons, and other bikes to get closer to the market. I park and do my usual wander to see what’s there, sampling the most wonderful strawberries and oranges. The chard is spectacular. That asparagus looks good. A cafe and grill has been added since I was last here. The bread line is long. A three-piece band is playing some bluegrass with many children standing before them, enthralled, and an older couple doing a slow dance together. Someone is going around with a PA system announcing the kids’ Easter Egg hunt at all the booths will start at 10:30; I better get out of here before then. See, I haven’t been to the farmer’s market in a while because I get overwhelmed by the choices and I don’t have the patience to deal with the crowds.

I go back to the asparagus and then realize I don’t have enough cash to buy it, nor to buy any flowers. Ack. So I make the supreme sacrifice for my family. I ride out to an ATM and come back – I backtrack! And not only that, I am at the market during the egg hunt, and it is jammed. I take a few breaths, gather some patience, then wade in to get the flowers. I am encouraged by an older gal with a strong accent to buy the flowers I actually want, two bunch five dollar. I get five bunches for fifteen dollars and we’re both happy. I move on to see what vegetables I want but all I can handle is the asparagus. I then flee to home and thence to the bosom of my family, where I explain often and at length about the sacrifices that I made for them this morning.

a view of a baseball diamond from the bleachers, with bicycle posed near the bleachers
I picked up a bagel at the grocery store a quarter mile away from my house. I thought that was going to be my purchase. Once back on the bike I decided I really wanted to have my tea so went to the park at the elementary school about another quarter mile away. Meanwhile, the Little League baseball game was pretty exciting.
a bicycle is posed in the middle of a map of the united states that is painted on the playground of an elementary school
Sometimes when I feel like a little longer ride I do a TransAm.
a little free library that says "Read" on it and has a decal of a book worm character
A different Little Free Library. It’s a re-purposed metal cabinet with a sheet metal roof. They did a nice job of painting it inside and out.
an intersection of two roads and a railroad
I was going to go one way but now I’m going this way to head to the farmer’s market.
a view down a railway
I was on the wrong side of the tracks but soon I will be on the right side.
bunches of asparagus
Asparagus. Ahma gonna get some of this after I finish touring the market to see what there is to see.
strawberries and blackberries in cartons
Yum. Berries.
piles of organic vegetables in a farmer's market stall
100% organic
tubs of orange slices for tasting at a farmer's market
Oranges. All different. All delicious and juicy and my mouth is watering again just writing about them.
guitar, accordion and fiddle players making music while a couple dances before them
A 3-piece bluegrass band entertaining the people
a stall at a farmer's market with many different types of vegetables, including tomates
We Grow What We Sell
Calla lillies in a farmer's market stall available for sale
The calla lilies are in bloom again. Later I scored lots of these for Mom.
Two women wearing colorful saris attending a farmer's market.
I love the melting pot where I live.
Stacks of chard at a farmer's market stall.
Look at this stuff. I wish I liked these veggies.
An ATM machine and a bicycle.
But before any purchases I had to ride a half mile away to get some cash. At least it was a ride-up ATM.
a street lined with palm and redwood trees
It was a nice ride though, back and forth from the ATM.
a crowded farmer's market.
A momentary gap in the crowd. I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed.
A bicycle that has a newspaper-wrapped parcel of flowers stickup up out of a pannier.
Making my escape with a pannier full of asparagus and flowers.
a satellite view of a suburban area with a red line that follows a bicycle route
CLC18 Ride 4: Thought we were going one way, but then we weren’t.

tricycle tricycle tricycle I want to ride my tricycle tricycle tricycle I want to ride my tricycle I want to ride my trike I want to ride my tricycle I want to ride it where I like (And I like to ride my bicycle too)

8 response to "CLC18 Ride 4: Course Change"

    • By: Kathleen Jones Posted: April 4, 2018

      Thanks, Janet. I was glad I could squeeze in the TransAm before brunch.

      And no way you can’t take good photos of those flowers.


  1. By: Bill Stone Posted: April 4, 2018

    Hello, yer Goddessness.

    Nice market! I think I recognize the Hollister “we grow what we sell” sign from a farmers’ market up here. Also interesting to see strawberries. I tried to find some in the Marin Civic Center market last week when I pedaled through, but none were to be had. I hope the brunch gang was suitably appreciative of your efforts!

    • By: Kathleen Jones Posted: April 5, 2018


      The strawberries were ginormous, so I didn’t bother buying any. The one I tasted was small, and flavorful.

      Everyone was very good about listening to me. The first time.


  2. By: Suzanne Posted: April 4, 2018

    Love the pics of all those fruits and veggies! And I know what you mean abou the crowds.

    • By: Kathleen Jones Posted: April 5, 2018


      While our supermarkets have wonderful produce all year, seeing the same thing in a farmer’s market is somehow much nicer.


  3. By: The Navigator Posted: April 8, 2018

    Nice ride, Kathleen. You really are a trooper to go back during the Easter Egg hunt – a far better woman than me. I could not do it – but I guess that is why you are the Goddess, and I am not. We had a similar US map on our playground in elementary school. As little kids we would play a game where a person stood at the top and yelled out a colour – then everyone had to run to a state with that colour before the person at the top tagged them. Then, when we were a little older, we called out states. I kicked arse at that game because I was a nerd and knew all the states and could figure out the furthest one away from where anyone was standing. A nerdy third-grader with strategy was tough to beat! Thanks for the memories! My school was torn down a long time ago, and there is now a Walgreens on that corner. Em

    • By: Kathleen Jones Posted: April 8, 2018

      I think you would go back into the crowd if it was for your mother too, so don’t give me that.

      I love that map of the US. Alaska and Hawaii are there but are in generally-correct geographical location, so couldn’t get it in the frame. You are a nerd, kiddo, but I wouldn’t want to pit myself against your strategies at any age. My cousin’s wife got US Presidents placemats for her boys when they were growing up. She’s the one who ended up learning them in order with dates.

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