CLC18 Ride 6: Surf and …

Tuesday, April 3, 2018  10 miles

I took today off just for me. I headed over to the coast to ride the along Half Moon Bay and its delightful Coastal Trail. I’ve shown it to you before, but like all special places it’s different every time.

One thing I wanted to accomplish was to buy a senior state park limited use pass, which I did at Half Moon Bay State Beach. For $20 I can go to most of the state parks except during the height of the summer. That usually works fine for me. I have no trouble getting my money’s worth. So that was my economic support for this ride.

Despite this beautiful place, I wasn’t feeling it today. I got out there and enjoyed the views and the nip in the air from the offshore fog, but I was tired and cranky and really wished I was on a long hike instead. Halfway through I remembered I was going to drive south to Pescadero after this ride. That perked me up and had me pedaling with more energy.

So it became a Surf and Turf Day. Half Moon Bay was the surf part. See Ride 7 for the Turf part.

a field of California poppies in bloom
The entrance to Half Moon Bay State Beach is looking pretty darn nice with all these California poppies.
a small piece of paper entitled Limited Use Golden Bear Pass from California State Parks
For $20 I get entry to state parks except between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
Business concluded, it’s time to ride. First thing I passed was this skull of a blue whale. Out in the grass is a post which indicates where the tail would be,  40-60 feet away.
an interpretive panel and a short fence overlooking the ocean near Half Moon Bay
The view from where I sit in the tsunami evacuation route.
a recumbent trike in front of a field of oxalis along a bike trail
Field of oxalis on top of the bluffs.
a recumbent trike parked near a sign that says "stay away - unstable cliffs". Down below the bluff is a sandy beach with people riding horses
Pokey defying death yet again.
a recumbent trike on top of a small mound of dirt
Got in some hill work.
a creek with lots of vegetation growing in it so you can barely see the moving water
This is for Keith: it’s called Frenchman’s Creek and there is water flowing down there somewhere.
a surfer wades out to the surf with his surfboard
Lone surfer on a midday Tuesday. Not much to work with either, at the moment.
a view of Half Moon Bay from the north end. There is blue ocean, beach and bluffs and a clear blue sky.
Looking back at where I started and where I’m headed.
a satellite view of Half Moon Bay with a red line indicating a bicycle route
CLC18 Ride 6: Coasting along the Coastal Trail

tricycle tricycle tricycle I want to ride my tricycle tricycle tricycle I want to ride my tricycle I want to ride my trike I want to ride my tricycle I want to ride it where I like (And I like to ride my bicycle too)

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